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Infor Planning is a constraint-based advanced planning system for engineering, assembly, and repetitive manufacturing environments that ensures realistic, perfectly synchronized manufacturing plans for optimal throughput.


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Learn why Organic Valley Farms, the #1 source of organic milk in the USA, turns to Infor Adage and Infor Supply Chain Planning to improve its process.

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What it is

To get quick throughput and high quality from your complex manufacturing operations, you need a single optimized manufacturing plan that aligns demand with production and supports realistic order promising.

With Infor Planning, you can create a synchronized, capacity-constrained manufacturing plan so you can:

  • Increase customer-service goals.
  • Achieve high productivity and throughput.
  • Reduce production lead times.
  • Reduce inventory levels.
  • Lower operational costs.

What it does

Planning delivers specialized functionality to help engineering, assembly, and repetitive manufacturers get the best possible return from their equipment, people, materials, and capital. You get capabilities for:

  • Analysis and visualization—Quickly create and visualize a variety of simulation scenarios or evaluate the impact of various constraints and immediately see the results.
  • Optimization—Dynamically address all material, machine, production, and distribution constraints across all sites to create one synchronized manufacturing, distribution, and purchasing plan.
  • Order promising—Make realistic and profitable commitments based on real-time checks of inventory availability and production capacity.
  • Order pegging—Track any customer order through warehouse transfer, production order, and raw material supplier to understand which part of the supply chain is on the critical path to perfect order completion.

What it means

You make the best possible use of your production resources, improve efficiencies, increase throughput, and lower costs.

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