Infor Supply Chain Execution for Logistics Service Providers

To meet customer demand for fast and accurate product delivery, and new value-added services, logistics service providers have to efficiently analyze and act on their business information. Logistics providers who streamline business processes will move their information—and their business—faster.


Innovation in Third Party Logistics

Learn how supply chain transformation drives opportunity and innovation for 3PL companies.

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ARK Logistics and Transportation

ARK Logistics provides logistics and transportation solutions in the Indonesian market. ARK uses Infor solutions to manage their warehouse, logistics and transportation operations that serve customers in FMCG and retail industries.

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Air21 is a leading 3PL operator in the Philippines and has been using Infor WMS to manage their operations and increase efficiencies and customer safistaction .

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What it is

Infor Supply Chain Execution integrates warehouse management, labor management, 3PL billing, transportation management, and other critical capabilities that logistics service providers need to better manage and move information so they operate an efficient and agile enterprise.

What it does

Supply Chain Execution automates and simplifies complex warehouse and transportation management processes so logistics service providers can deliver more value to their customers at the same time they reduce their costs.

By integrating and streamlining all important business processes with Supply Chain Execution, logistics service providers create new opportunities to:

  • Manage and move products more efficiently. Consolidate and organize shipments better by automating inventory management, and integrating logistics processes with enterprise resource planning system and solutions used by customers and vendors.
  • Respond faster to customer demand.  Add customers more quickly, respond faster to demand changes, and create and implement new value-added logistics services.
  • Create accurate reports for management and customers. Use built-in logistics reporting and alerting to keep executives and customers informed and respond faster to opportunities and problems that arise.
  • Better manage employees. Optimize the distribution of work, monitor labor in real time, and accurately bill for all work performed. 

Your business is driven by information. When you use Supply Chain Execution to improve the way you move, analyze, and act on information, you can operate a more efficient, responsive, and profitable logistics business.

What it means

Infor Supply Chain Execution is a flexible and configurable solution that includes all the capabilities logistics providers need to succeed. You get the tools you need to reduce labor costs, cut transportation costs, expand the services you offer customers, and expand the number of customers you serve. With Infor Supply Chain Execution, you'll operate a more efficient, versatile enterprise that delivers more value to customers and produces higher margins for your business.

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Infor Supply Chain Execution  

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