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Smarter scheduling can make the difference between profit and loss in today's fast-moving manufacturing businesses. How you manage your resources on the line makes the difference between meeting the dispatch time and missing it—and more importantly, between profit and loss. Infor Scheduling applies the power of cutting-edge algorithms so that you can make better scheduling decisions, execute those decisions faster, and respond to the inevitable changes profitably.


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Learn why Organic Valley Farms, the #1 source of organic milk in the USA, turns to Infor Adage and Infor Supply Chain Planning to improve its process.

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What it is

With Infor Scheduling, you can schedule manufacturing operations with precision so you make the best use of your production assets and meet demanding dispatch schedules. By using Scheduling, you can:

  • Synchronize manufacturing across all product lines to make the best use of all resources-capacity, people, materials.
  • Sequence smartly to reduce lost downtime.
  • Meet exacting customer delivery times to improve service performance. 
  • Lower manufacturing costs by reducing overtime, outsourcing, and procurement costs.
  • Achieve higher throughput and faster cycle times.
  • Respond faster to unplanned changes in demand and supply.

Scheduling brings you advanced, constraint-based scheduling with easy-to-use tools that help you create optimal manufacturing schedules.

What it does

With Infor Scheduling, you'll meet exacting customer delivery times, minimize lost time, and lower manufacturing costs.

You'll also gain:

  • Plant-wide synchronization—You'll be able to simultaneously consider the capacity, availability, qualifications, and interdependencies of employees, equipment, tools, and materials to better manage changes in engineering requirements, shop-floor conditions, and customer demand for one plant or many.
  • Better decision support—You'll get a comprehensive view of shop-floor data to make more effective usage of constrained resources, increase throughput, and promote better material management.
  • Key performance indicators—Measure performance in real-time with metrics that track performance and resource utilization and view critical KPIs in context with other relevant business data.

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