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Infor Xi

A superior platform for business

Architecture that empowers

Infor Xi is a next generation technology platform that powers fully integrated, industry-specific solution suites with mobile-first design, a consumer-inspired user experience, and science-driven analytics. By leveraging the convergence of information, analytics, cloud computing, mobility, and social business, it empowers business users to interact with systems and each other like never before.

Infor Xi at a glance

  • Support for open source systems
  • Multi-tenant cloud enablement
  • Mobile-first design
  • Advanced data science
  • Pervasive auditing
  • Proactive and continuous monitoring

Highlights and core functionality

Infor Xi strikes a balance between simplicity, speed, security, reliability and performance to deliver a smart software experience users love. Every aspect of the business solution—from design to use in production—is improved, modernized and simplified.

Pervasive APIs in Infor Xi are a huge leap forward in how APIs are used to drive consolidation of application services. Programmatic access is available through SOAP based or RESTful web service APIs, which are designed to quickly and efficiently process and return information. All application interfaces are open to such an API based access.

With Infor Xi, security policies for application access are embedded into the business objects themselves. This approach provides strong authorization that is resilient no matter where the attack originates. Policies may be added, updated, or changed in memory and applied immediately in runtime. Security policies may be defined by tenant, role, and individual user.

Leveraging Infor Ming.le™ social technology, Infor Xi rewires the way users spread, consume, and use information from their applications and from each other. Features like Paparazzi deliver automatic notices based on user defined parameters and enable them to "follow" application objects and associated people activity. Information in the form of alerts, notifications and to-dos proactively informs users and enables them to act faster.

Infor Xi delivers tools for automatic and continuous monitoring of application data, user activity, and system functions. The system console tool monitors system activity; security services monitor user activity; and continuous controls monitoring tools monitor the business application - transactions, master data, configurations and user access rights. These tools can be instrumental in instilling a culture of compliance and efficiency by enlisting employees across various functions—including Business, IT, HR, and Audit—to monitor, identify, assess and respond to risks.

Whether your software is deployed in the cloud or on premise; whether you are working in the office, at home office, or from the road, the Infor Xi Technology Foundation allows you to access applications securely and reliably. The thin web client user interface is ubiquitous, graphically rich and executes on multiple devices with a choice of popular browsers.

Architected for the internet, Infor Xi powers business applications that can be securely deployed in the cloud or on premise—globally. Unicode support is built in for global languages, and data translation capability is available for all major world languages. Not only does the user interface present itself in the language of choice, data entered may be stored in multiple languages.

Role-based capabilities within Infor Xi engage employees intuitively and transform the user experience. Home pages are tailor made, responsive interfaces that present actions, tasks, to-dos, alerts, intelligence, information, contextual navigation and links in a unified single interface. Extensibility features allow for modification of roles, as well as the home pages and interfaces associated with them.

Infor Xi enables auditing pervasively throughout the business application system. Every user action is audited and stored. Users get immediate visibility to past activities "at their fingertips". This feature speeds any risk investigation.

Role-based, consumer-inspired design

Infor Xi powers personalized homepages that aggregate processes and information by role, delivering everything from analytics to alerts directly to users based on their responsibilities and priorities. Beautiful, intuitive, and as easy to use as personal technologies, it's designed for the needs of those who matter most—your users.

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The Xi technology platform


  • Configurable grid and open source
  • Multi-tenant cloud
  • Mobile enablement
  • Responsive design
  • Data integration through ION API
  • Programmatic access through SOAP-based or RESTFUL web APIs
  • Centralized workflow administration
  • Pervasive auditing
  • Continuous controls monitoring
  • In-memory Java object model
  • Embedded process automation