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With Infor Product Configurator, you get the power and flexibility to handle any configured product or service, and support practically any type of user or application. Easily create comprehensive product models that make selection and configuration of even the most complex products intuitive and error-free and deploy the configurator for a specific function, or across all your applications and computing platforms.


Huttig differentiated their brand by allowing their distribution network self-serve access to easily configure doors, pull specific pricing, create quotes and complete orders.

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Read how manufacturers who sell customizable products use advanced CPQ systems, like Infor Configure Price Quote, to increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate their brand.

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What it is

Infor Product Configurator delivers a product and sales configurator that easily integrates with your web, mobile, enterprise, desktop, and laptop systems. With this powerful tool, you can capture all the knowledge about your customizable products once, and share with your dealer, in your ERP or CRM system, on your mobile device…anywhere you go.

Whether you're a manufacturer or a distributor, you'll get the tools you need to:

  • Guide product selection to help users identify and select the product that best fits their needs.
  • Help users understand and select available features, options and dimensions, while ensuring they define a valid product.
  • Ensure an accurate price and cost for any configuration.
  • Bring your products to life with immediate visual confirmation of the product, its features and options.
  • Dramatically reduce the effort to create the documents and data required to sell or manufacture a configured product.

What it does

Infor Product Configurator processes the rules, constraints and associated data in product models based on inputs from the user interface or other applications.
You can create comprehensive product models that make selection and configuration of the most complex products intuitive and error-free. With Infor Product Configurator, you get:

  • Integrated product and user experience modeling in a single environment that allows you to control exactly what configurator users will be able to see and do based on their role, business function and application context.
  • Robust modeling tools that use a combination of rules and constraints to represent product knowledge and tailor the user experience by role, function, application, and locale.
  • Graphical user interface that provides a visual representation of the model with point-and-click access to the details of every rule and constraint.
  • Real-time testing environment so you can iteratively develop and test models.
  • Model management tools that make it possible to maintain control of product models in development, staging, and production.

Plus, you get a dynamic user interface that makes the entire configuration experience highly intuitive, productive, and personalized. You'll have:

  • A dynamically rendered user experience that presents the right product view, language, currency, pricing, and UI features based on user role, device type, location, and task.
  • A customizable look and feel that makes option selection extremely easy-without programming.
  • APIs for custom extensions that make it easy to give users a rich experience and take advantage of existing data and programs.

What it means

Infor Product Configurator makes it fast and easy for your sales people and customers to select, configure and price your products, while ensuring that only valid combinations of features, options, and dimensions are created, quoted and ordered.

Make it so easy to buy your products that distributors and customers won't look anywhere else with Infor Product Configurator.



Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

This 18-minute demo explores how Infor Configure Price Quote streamlines product customization, quoting, ordering, and documentation for manufacturers, distributors, and dealers.

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