Infor Epiphany Email Advisor

With Infor Epiphany Email Advisor, you can increase your email click-through rates by as much as 50%; take email personalization to the next level; deliver more relevant offers to your customers, automate email creation; and grow your revenue.


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What it is

You know how tough it is to get customers to respond to emails these days. They're burnt out after years of being deluged with generic email messages and offers. In fact, research shows that non-relevant mailings are the top reason people unsubscribe. But the right customer relationship management (CRM) tool can help.

With Infor Epiphany Email Advisor, you can:

  • Increase your email click-through rates by as much as 50%.
  • Take email personalization to the next level.
  • Deliver more relevant offers to your customers, so they keep coming back for more.
  • Automate email creation, simplifying the marketing process.
  • Grow your revenue.

That's what you get with Infor Epiphany Email Advisor—a proven solution that delivers timely, relevant offers to your customers.

You can:

  • Continuously learn from every email interaction. Discover which customer characteristics most influence offer acceptance, and automatically adjust targeting for all subsequent emails and email openings.
  • Determine what works and what doesn't. View offer displays and customer responses at the moment they take place to find out which offers perform best.
  • Rely less on static customer segmentation. Find the audience for niche offers, as well as broadly popular offers, without having to manually segment email recipients.
  • Apply different models to different situations. Choose from targeted offers, absolute best performers, static offers, and offers with impression limits.

The end result? You'll simplify the marketing process, improve customer relationships, and make more money.


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