Infor Distribution SX.e

Combining power, control, and convenience, Infor Distribution SX.e is a robust distribution management solution specifically designed to help distributors of all types run an efficient, end-to-end operation.

Infor Distribution SX.e, Get new capabilities with Infor 10x

Infor 10x is the latest release of Infor’s proven business applications and innovative technology platform. Find out what’s new for Distribution SX.e.

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What it is

Your life is complicated enough. In the distribution business, you never stop searching for ways to reduce complexity.

You need a solution that helps you:

  • Manage thousands of transactions.
  • Track tens of thousands of line items.
  • Keep tabs on thousands of suppliers and customers.

Almost 1,000 companies with revenue ranging from $50 million to more than $1 billion rely on Infor Distribution SX.e to help them succeed. Isn't it time you joined them?

Infor Distribution SX.e can help you improve what matters most:

  • Warehouse Management—Manage your warehouse workflow better.
  • Order Entry—Automate your purchasing and streamline your work process.
  • Inventory Control—Improve your inventory management for better performance.

 . . . and so much more. With Infor Distribution SX.e, you'll get better performance, faster growth, and fewer headaches.

Featured customers for Infor Distribution SX.e

  • An independent electrical distributor, Shealy Electrical Wholesalers chose Infor Distribution to manage its sales, inventory and operations in its three store locations. Watch the video
  • The Reynolds Company gets fast ROI with Infor Distribution SX.e, gaining $330,000 in soft ROI in the first 6 months. Read the customer profile
  • Infor Distribution SX.e helps increase operational efficiencies and prepare distributor Kaman Industrial Technologies for future expansion. Read the press release

In addition, Infor EPAK gives you all the tools you need to build your employee skill sets and make them more productive—before, during and after implementation. It's a proven solution for your organization's specific deployment requirements across the entire lifecycle of your software systems. Check out how EPAK fits into your software lifecycle.



Infor Ming.le™ Distribution

Find out how Infor Ming.le™ changes the way distributors communicate.

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The Informed Distributor blog

Read updates and thoughts from Infor product experts.

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Super Grid and Enterprise Search in SX.e 10x

Leverage Infor Enterprise Search and Super Grid in the new Infor 10x User Experience.

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Infor Distribution SX.e, 10x release

Infor Distribution SX.e

Contextual Web Parts and Interaction Advisor


New, modern user experience

Delivers a dramatically modernized user experience that will change the way people work.

New ION integrations to extension applications

Provides a more compelling extended suite with a lower cost way to take advantage of new, high value capabilities.

Infor Ming.le™ integrated to ERP, In-context BI

Delivers more robust functionality through compelling workflows within the application and across a broader suite.

Contextual Web parts

Flexibility delivers desired enhancements without impacting core code.

Embedded Enterprise Search

Use familiar and consumer-grade search to immediately access information needed. Greatly improves service levels.

Expanded micro-vertical industry functionality

Delivers industry-specific functionality that deploys more quickly and at lower TCO, while preserving upgrade path.

Core features


  • English
  • French
  • Spanish


  • EMEA


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