Infor SyteLine

Infor SyteLine is a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution specifically designed to help manufacturers improve productivity using manufacturing best practices and highly efficient process flows. You'll be better able to monitor customer demand, schedule delivery dates, and track resources. No matter how complex your supply chain is, you'll respond faster to change, reduce excess inventory, cut costs, and deliver what you promised to your customers on time. With Infor SyteLine, you can win the race against time by getting your products to market quicker and better matching supply with demand.


Infor SyteLine Demo

Get a first-hand look at Infor SyteLine's new user experience including collaboration from Infor Ming.le™ and key visibility of live operational information and analytics with Business Intelligence.

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What it is

Infor SyteLine provides the foundation to improve business efficiencies, customer service, and overall manufacturing productivity for a broad range of industries, including metal fabrication, industrial equipment and machinery, high-tech and electronics, and more. Infor SyteLine delivers a complete package, with advanced capabilities and tools to help you better manage:

  • Sales and customer relationships
  • Production
  • Supply chain
  • Inventory
  • Financials
  • Service management
  • Quality

Developed by experts in the manufacturing industry, Infor SyteLine has more than 25 years of experience built in. Taking advantage of smart functionality that addresses the key challenges facing manufacturers today, Infor SyteLine requires less customization, shorter implementation time, and fewer IT resources to maintain. You'll see a fast return on your investment and lower total cost of ownership over the long term.

From selling and sourcing to production and fulfillment, Infor SyteLine provides clear visibility across your organization, helping you automate and manage key business processes. Be confident that you've got the solution you need to get the job done—and that you're getting it all from an experienced support team.



Preferred Sands

How Infor Ming.le™, ION, SyteLine, and Mongoose products are helping Preferred Sands grow and change the way it does business.

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The perfect production schedule

How SyteLine Resource Model creates an accurate production schedule by separately planning for labor, machines, and tools.

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By implementing Infor SyteLine, Metcam was able to reduce inventory by 50%. SyteLine provides visibilty into all aspects of their fabricated sheet metal business. Real time visibility into operations has improved decision making.

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Infor SyteLine Demo

Get a first-hand look at Infor SyteLine's new user experience including collaboration from Infor Ming.le™ and key visibility of live operational information and analytics with Business Intelligence.

Watch the demo

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What it does

With Infor SyteLine's extensible framework, you're able to adapt it to your business, rather than forcing your business to fit a rigid set of processes and procedures. Adapt Infor SyteLine to new business requirements without incurring the high cost and delays involved in modifying or writing new code. With Infor SyteLine, you gain a powerful, easy-to-use solution that works the way you do.

Infor SyteLine's core capabilities include:

  • Mixed-mode manufacturing—Accelerate mixed-mode manufacturing production processes and meet customer demand quicker.
  • Complex product configuration—Ensure configured orders are accurate for the customer and feasible for the production department.
  • Advanced planning and scheduling (APS)—Continually monitor demand as it occurs and update production schedules quickly, so you can provide accurate and real-time capable-to-promise estimates to your customers.
  • Materials and inventory management—Automate the process of calculating and monitoring your inventory drivers-forecasts, safety stocks, and order size-to keep inventory low while avoiding shortages.
  • Customer management—Efficiently manage the entire sales process, from customer lead origination and sales opportunity tracking, through converting prospects to customers, and placing the orders.
  • Role-based information—Make faster, more efficient, and informed decisions using dashboards that feature the actions and data most closely associated with specific, defined jobs, such as customer service, controller, and production planner.
  • Better user experiences—Get the information you need, when you need it, with user interface that can be easily customized to fit a particular industry, team, or user-without having to call on IT for help.
  • Mobile solution for warehouse logistics—Allow your warehouse personnel to connect with your ERP system with Infor Warehouse Mobility. Fully automate key business processes, cut costs while improving profits, and enhance your ERP functions with specialized modules, such as Pallet Management.
  • Microsoft-based system—Save time on implementation, customization, and training with familiar tools and common navigation.
  • Flexible deployment options—Benefit from multiple Infor SyteLine deployment and buying options, which include on-premises software, hosted Software as a Service (SaaS), and subscription models (including optional application managed services).

What it means

From repetitive to engineer-to-order, Infor SyteLine gives you the power to accelerate production and meet customer demand more quickly. With Infor SyteLine, you can:

  • Define your own business processes to make the system work the way you need it to.
  • Plan and schedule order by order.
  • Improve forecasting speed and accuracy.
  • Minimize error-prone manual steps.
  • Return to work quickly when you get an unexpected order.
  • Reduce inventory levels and shortages.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Get to market quicker.
  • Deliver orders in full, on time, every time.

Infor SyteLine helps manufacturers like you improve your bottom line by adapting business processes to market requirements. Deliver more with less, and win the race against time.


New ION integrations to extension apps—time track and warehouse mobility

Provides a more compelling extended suite with a less risky, lower cost way to take advantage of new, high value capabilities.

New, modern user experience—social and mobile

Reinvented user experience provides a completely modern solution, while delivering more robust functionality through compelling workflows built in to the application and across a broader suite.

Expanded micro-vertical functionality—automotive suppliers, printing and packaging

More compelling, out-of-the-box solution for targeted market verticals, enabling faster deployment and lower total cost of ownership.

More robust business intelligence

Helps customers and prospects get more value out of their deployment by enabling better, expanded visibility into the business at all levels, to drive better decision making.

Core features


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