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Take the worry out of hotel event planning with Infor HMS Event Management, a powerful, flexible hotel software solution that integrates conference room and equipment rentals with room bookings and catering services—leaving your employees with more time to deliver face-to-face customer service, and increasing your company's profits.


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What it is

Conferences, banquets, and other events can generate revenue directly and indirectly—not only from the events themselves, but also from in-house hotel services such as room sales, restaurant bookings, and leisure facilities. But given the high value and complex logistics associated with conference bookings, you need to execute them correctly to avoid costly mistakes as well as damage to your brand image.

With Infor HMS Event Management, you'll be able to:

  • Respond quickly to queries.
  • Streamline all associated services with the help of on-screen visual aids.
  • Get a quick view of the event package and all its associated components, such as room and equipment booking, and catering.
  • Maximize revenue for all associated services, including room sales, restaurant bookings, and leisure facilities.

Infor HMS Event Management software displays meeting room and equipment availability in real time, so you can make reservations in an instant. To save time, the system automatically:

  • Stores incoming and outgoing correspondence.
  • Creates invoices.
  • Sends emails to stakeholders whenever bookings are created or changed.

With Infor HMS Event Management, you can give customers what they want, as well as create the customized support materials they require. Company profiles and previous event details are stored on a single, easily accessible database, so you can proactively offer arrangements to suit known preferences.

As a result, you can promote, create and deliver the perfect event wherever you are, with a single solution.

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