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EzLITE is a Cluster Revenue Management System specially designed for limited services Hotel Chains. With minimal implementation cost and a seamless and rapid deployment process, EzLITE is the most accomplished and cost efficient Group Revenue Management Solution available today.

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EzLITE overview

Revenue management made easy? Learn more about Infor EzRMS, EzPLUS, and EzLITE.

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What it is

EzLITE is a powerful integrated Cluster Revenue Management System solution, which does not require any Revenue Management expertise at the property level. EzLITE maximizes the revenue potential of each property individually, while offering a centralized management and control interface.

EzLITE provides efficient Revenue Management, while focusing on the essential aspects of those properties’ operations:

  • One main reservation channel
  • One room category
  • Room and breakfast revenue only
  • Mainly transient business mix

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What it does

EzLITE is a fully automated solution, designed for minimum user input and maximum efficiency. An easy streamlined configuration procedure and the capacity to interface with 50+ Property Management Systems helps make EzLITE easy to implement.

EzLITE uses a simplified Graphical User Interface, which intuitively navigates the user around the application’s unique features and functional work areas. Through a practical Dashboard approach, a full group of hotels can be monitored at a glance. Similarly, system recommendations can be reviewed, saved and uploaded to the reservation channel with just a click of a button.

Key features and benefits

  • Innovative cluster revenue management system
  • Centralized management and control of all properties
  • Simplified functionalities focusing on essential points
  • No implementation cost
  • No complex configuration
  • Fast deployment process
  • Fully automated solution
  • Minimum user input
  • Easy and intuitive graphical user interface
  • Fast and practical reporting capabilities

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EzRMS overview  

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