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You already know that keeping customers loyal is cheaper (and smarter) than trying to get new ones. But you need a customer relationship management system that gives you the right tools to plan, execute, and monitor your outbound and inbound multi-channel marketing campaigns across every point of contact with customers.


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What it is

With Infor Epiphany Marketing, you can conduct multi-channel marketing campaigns that:

  • Build ongoing customer relationships while respecting your customers' preferences.
  • Allow your customers to opt in or out.
  • Help you get and keep customers, as well as sell more to each one.
  • Follow your company's marketing policies and comply with regulations.
  • You can do all that and more, with one application. And it's easy to use, even if your experience with SQL and databases is little to none.

Infor Epiphany Marketing gives you:

  • Sophisticated email marketing—Develop personalized email campaigns, track opened emails and click-through responses, and automatically take care of "unsubscribe" requests.
  • Powerful customer insights—Get your hands on loads of customer data so you can use it in future marketing campaigns.
  • Precise customer targeting—Find the best offer for each of your customers based on customer demographics, previous customer behavior, and campaign history.
  • Multichannel, event-triggered campaign execution—Make sure the targets of your campaign receive the right combination of messages or materials via web, point-of-sale, call center, IVR, kiosk, mobile, set-top-box, ATM, Facebook and more.
  • Closed-loop reporting and analysis—Analyze campaign performance through saved and ad hoc reports, so you can focus on your most profitable campaigns and customers.

What it does

Infor Epiphany Marketing helps your company:

  • Analyze your customer data and easily create actionable strategies.
  • Manage hundreds or thousands of simultaneous communications or campaigns across every channel imaginable.
  • Reduce your company's risk and respect customers' preferences by creating and implementing the appropriate business rules.

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