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To be competitive, process manufacturers have to develop new products quickly, produce them using the best possible formula, and maintain full compliance with all regulatory requirements. It's a unique set of requirements that demands a tailored approach to product lifecycle management (PLM).


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What it is

A best-of-breed product lifecycle management solution created specifically for process manufacturers, Infor Optiva helps companies accelerate their product development, minimize their cost of production, and ensure 100% regulatory compliance.



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Customer profile: Henkel


Henkel improves its product lifecycle management with Infor Optiva.

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Food & Beverage: Least cost formulation as a competitive advantage


Infor Optiva


What it does

Infor Optiva streamlines processes for product development, material selection, formulation, and new product introductions. The solution is helping process manufacturers worldwide:

Deliver fast innovation. Companies using Infor Optiva can reduce the time to develop new products 50% or more by simplifying development processes, improving supply chain collaboration, and integrating product lifecycle management with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other core processes.

Optimize formulas. Infor Optiva delivers industry-leading capability for analyzing material cost, inventory, and manufacturing capacity to help process companies select the best formula for a given product. By optimizing product formulas, process companies can significantly reduce material costs and manufacture more efficiently.

Ensure 100% labeling compliance. For process companies, complying with label content requirements is critical to overall success. Infor Optiva provides the capabilities food and beverage, home and personal care, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical companies need to design and produce labels that consistently meet government regulations.

When you use Infor Optiva, your company will become more agile and responsive to customers and your product performance will increase.

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Workspace adoption and modern user experience

Collaborative product development support via Social Space and Infor Ming.le delivers modernized user experience and allows for exciting new business process flows within Optiva and cross-application with core ERP.

ION Framework support

Delivers deep integration with core Infor ERP hubs, particularly M3 and Adage, as well as SAP.

Verticalization—industry-specific Configuration Packages

Solutions built for industry needs in Food and Beverage, Chemicals, Consumer, and Pharmaceuticals. Delivers packaged solutions out-of-the-box so customers can quickly and efficiently deploy a more robust solution and capitalize on industry-specific upgrades over time.

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