Infor Workforce Data Collection for Manufacturing

As a manufacturer, there's a good chance labor is your largest controllable expense. Controlling that expense can be difficult if your employees are dispersed, your labor data collection processes are manual, or you face both challenges. Infor Workforce Data Collection for Manufacturing.


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What it is

Infor Workforce Data Collection helps streamline employee data collection processes to:

  • Reduce payroll expenses by systematically eliminating early clock-ins or late clock-outs.
  • Better monitor labor distribution and costs across disparate business areas or clock-in and clock-out points.
  • More easily comply with union rules, labor laws, company rules, work councils, and other regulations.
  • Ensure employees comply with established schedules.
  • Improve building security and reduce payroll risks caused by buddy punching and other issues.
  • Enhance employee morale by holding all workers to the same clock-in and clock-out standard.

Data Collection helps accurately record time and labor data in real time by providing:

  • A record of every punch—Enforce badge, schedule, and job assignments.
  • Real-time employee activity information—Collect granular labor metrics information like work orders, department, or cost center activity in real time.
  • A record of the nonpunches—Know who didn't show for the current shift or what jobs may not be finished based on the employee activity information.
  • Flexible deployment options—Choose physical clock hardware or a virtual clock that uses an existing device or an external server. Configure punch types, labor metrics, and validations to match your business need.
  • Flexible and secure operations—Collect data even if your network is down. Authenticate employee identity at the time of punch. Enhance security, using your existing ID methods.

The bottom line? You improve the way you collect, monitor, and use employee data. And you improve your manufacturing operations.

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