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Companies like yours must be able to accurately collect, monitor, and leverage time and attendance data in order to maximize the return on your largest controllable expense—your workforce. To meet this challenge, you need a proven solution that offers a cost-effective approach to data collection for all types of employees—salaried or hourly, full- or part-time, mobile or on-site. Infor Workforce Data Collection can help.


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What it is

Helping organizations like yours:

  • Save 2% or more on annual gross payroll.
  • Improve accuracy of time and attendance tracking and reporting.
  • Reduce operational costs.
  • Comply with government regulations and union rules.
  • Eliminate production bottlenecks.

Infor Workforce Data Collection solutions include time clock hardware such as the WB6000 series, WB7000 series, and Hand Geometry Biometric and Software Time Clocks—all of which are controlled through a high-performance Clock Server.

No matter what your company's size or business model, Infor Workforce Data Collection solutions integrate time capture and scheduling to help you do business better.

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