Infor Workforce Labor Scheduler

A lot goes into scheduling your workforce. You have to be agile and efficient in anticipating and meeting customer demands. You have to adhere to many rules and regulations. Labor scheduling is a complex process and it's critical that you do it right.


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What it is

With Infor Workforce Labor Scheduler you will:

  • Align workforce schedules with demand—Minimize or eliminate over- or under-staffing so you have the optimum workers on the job to meet customer demand. 
  • Automate scheduling—Create schedules based on pre-determined rules and constraints like maximum hours or consecutive days-even for the hard-to-fill shifts.
  • Reduce time spent assigning workers—Reduce the time managers and schedulers spend assigning workers by eliminating the need to make phone calls and send emails to produce labor schedules.
  • Comply with labor rules and regulations—Automatically create schedules that fit your business needs and maintain compliance with government regulations, union rules, and internal policies.

With Infor Workforce Labor Scheduler, you get:

  • Demand-based scheduling—Use established staffing standards to schedule the right number of staff based on changing demand variables.
  • Overtime management—Automate overtime distribution based on established rules to stay under budget and in compliance with labor rules and regulations.
  • Employee self-service—Give employees self-service tools to manage their own schedule, including requesting vacation time.  Automatically assign time off within your paid time off rules.
  • Shift bidding—Assign employees to a shift based on a rules-based shift-bidding system.
  • Reporting and analytics—Monitor labor across the organization to track workforce performance and adhere to budgets.

The bottom line? Labor scheduling is a competitive advantage that delivers positive results. 

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