Infor Workforce Planning for Retail

As a retailer, you know it's a challenge to excel at both long-term planning and day-to-day execution. It's a challenge with merchandising. It's no less a challenge with your workforce planning. 


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What it is

With Infor Workforce Planning for Retail, you can take the guesswork out of workforce planning and budgeting.  It helps you:

  • Determine optimal labor allocation using historical data and upcoming business campaigns.
  • Significantly shorten budgeting cycle times with a consistent workflow implementation.
  • Align operational execution with corporate goals by using proactive, top-down business-rule implementation instead of bottom-up, reactive processes.

Workforce Planning helps you create and manage labor budgets that align your overall business objectives and labor requirements. You can: 

  • Create a labor budget to meet expectations—Use historical performance, standards, and productivity factors to create a bottom-up labor budget that meets forecasted business demand within current and future business constraints like reduced budgets. Streamline the solicitation and approval processes. Use dashboards and alerts to ensure compliance.
  • Analyze performance trends—Get real-time visibility of performance trends through executive and role-based reports and dashboards.
  • Adjust operations to address demand fluctuations—Use real-time performance information to adjust staffing to match demand within your labor budget.
  • Uncover and act on hidden factors that influence performance—Use intelligence and performance tools to uncover and analyze hidden patterns for attendance, store traffic, and seasonal demand.
  • Accurately account for labor—Integrate labor planning with scheduling, and time and attendance to ensure all labor hours, absence hours, and costs are accounted for by location or the entire company. 

The bottom line? You improve your labor planning processes and your business results.

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