Infor Workforce Time & Attendance for Casinos

As a casino operator, your workforce is both your largest controllable expense and your greatest asset.  You need well trained employees to keep customer service levels high and to keep your facility in top condition. But you can't afford to over-spend on payroll to meet these objectives. Infor Workforce Time & Attendance for Casinos can help.


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What it is

With Time and Attendance, you can meet your customer service objectives with an efficient time and attendance management system.  It can help you:

  • Reduce payroll costs up to 3%.
  • Automate 100% of your pay rules.
  • Ensure accurate employee pay by integrating your time and attendance system and your payroll system.
  • More easily comply with labor agreements and government regulations.
  • Empower employees to manage their own schedules so you only have to manage exceptions. 
  • Dramatically improve workforce-related management and decision-making.

Time and Attendance helps you automate employee processes for:

  • Pay rule automation—Use rules-based, automated capabilities for managing overtime, on-call premiums, tips and tokes compliance, dual rates, retroactive pay adjustments, shift differentials, and entitlements.
  • Balances and accruals—Automate employee balance accruals and time off requests to produce an accurate staffing schedule.
  • Employee self-service capabilities—Give employees direct access to their personal information and schedules so they can trade shifts, request job changes, bid on vacation blocks, and request time off.
  • Time capture and payroll calculation—Automate time capture and payroll calculation processes, giving managers the ability to manage staffing by exception and more easily adhere to labor agreement terms.
  • Employee attendance management—Maintain detailed attendance histories for employees, recognize individual or group patterns, and proactively notify supervisors when necessary.

The bottom line? You manage time and attendance processes in ways that help you deliver excellent customer service without sacrificing fiscal performance.

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