Infor Workforce Time & Attendance

Your workforce is diverse, and may be dispersed across many locations.  This makes it a challenge to manage your workforce time and attendance in ways that control payroll costs, maintain customer service levels, and comply with labor rules and regulations.


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What it is

Infor Workforce Time & Attendance can automate your time and attendance processes to:

  • Reduce payroll costs.
  • Comply with government and union regulations.
  • Motivate employees by empowering them to manage their time at work and paid time off. 
  • Collect the data you need to make better staffing decisions based on current customer demand, seasonal demand fluctuation, and unforeseen absences.

With Infor Workforce Time & Attendance, you get:

  • Data collection—Collect time, labor, and production metrics quickly and easily to enforce badge, schedule, and
    job assignments.
  • Employee self-service capabilities—Give employees direct access to their personal information and schedules so they can trade shifts, request job changes, bid on vacation blocks, and request time off.
  • Balances and accruals—Automate employee balance accruals and time off requests to produce an accurate staffing schedule.
  • Employee attendance management—Maintain detailed attendance histories for employees, recognize individual or group patterns, and proactively notify supervisors when necessary.
  • Overtime equalization—Automate overtime distribution to employees based on established business rules.
  • HR and payroll interfaces—Integrate time and attendance data with human resources and payroll systems to produce accurate payrolls and keep HR records up to date and in synch.
  • End-user training and support—Train users more efficiently with a built-in tutorial guide for on-the-floor training. 

You can boost employee morale, increase productivity, and make your business more efficient with Infor Workforce Time & Attendance.

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