Reporting issues for Infor Campus and Education

Change in process

The current process of contacting Infor Education through an email to has been changed in favor of logging incidents into Infor Xtreme.

The move to Xtreme support will harmonize Infor Education with other products using a common platform for incident reporting as well as provide better tracking and status reporting.

As of April 14, 2014, all questions or issues related to Campus or Infor Education will need to be submitted via the Xtreme Support incident system.


What if I don’t have a log-in for Xtreme?
All Campus users who are not currently using Infor Xtreme will have Xtreme log-in ids created for them during the migration. The initial password will be ‘welcome’. New Campus users created after the initial migration will need to request an Xtreme user id. This is done by contacting your Company Xtreme administrator or by following the instructions under FIRST TIME USERS on the Xtreme home page.

What if I forgot my log-in to Xtreme?
Your log-in id to Xtreme will always be your email address.

What if I forgot my password to Xtreme?
Follow the ‘Forgot my password’ link on the Xtreme home page.

What information is needed to enter an incident?
We have created detailed documents which outline the required fields and information needed to create an incident and how to view the current status and update your incidents.

What happens to unanswered emails that I submitted to prior to April 14, 2014?
Operations will try to respond to all emails submitted prior to the cutover. Those inquiries that remain will have an Infor Xtreme incident opened on behalf of the requestor.

What happens if I send an email to after April 14, 2014?
That mailbox will still be monitored for a period of time. Operations will open an Infor Xtreme incident on behalf of the requestor and work the request through Xtreme. The mailbox will eventually be decommissioned. You will receive communication prior to that event.

Download Xtreme training presentation


Report issues / questions via
Xtreme Support

Log into Xtreme Support to report any issues you are having with Infor Campus and for any general education-related inquiries.

Log into Xtreme Support


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