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Business software must serve your business goals. You get maximum value when you implement business applications with your business goals in mind. That's why Infor offers a full range of management consulting services to help you gain the greatest possible degree of value from all of your Infor applications as well as other systems that you may already own.

Our consultants come from a broad range of backgrounds, including former CFOs, IT directors and line supervisors. They know that new software isn't always the solution-sometimes improving your business process or reallocating your current resources delivers the greatest value. But their goal is to help you reach an effective solution rapidly at an appropriate cost.

Some of our management consulting services include:

  • Organization Review and Design  Process.
  • Architecture and Re-engineering. 
  • Organization and Change Implementation.
  • Human Resource Strategies. 
  • Decision Support. 
  • Business Process Improvement. 
  • Process Mapping/Design. 
  • Activity-based Costing Models (ABCM). 
  • Value Chain Analysis (VCA). 
  • Supply Chain Analysis.
  • Benchmarking and Leading Practice Comparisons.

Above all, Infor consultants deliver quicker time to value through our unique One Point™ methodology that ensures a best-in-class solution at a reasonable price.

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Infor Consulting Services

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Infor Consulting Services  

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