Infor Customer Experience Suite

Infor Customer Experience Suite

Accelerate customer engagement, drive profitability and deliver an enriched customer experience

Specialized by industry



Improve the conversation between suppliers and distributors, and meet unique customer requirements by using Infor Customer Experience Suite to increase productivity and adapt easily and quickly to the evolving distribution landscape.

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  • Keep control over vast inventory.
  • Actively manage correct inventory levels at your customer's in-site locations.
  • Help your customers target additional revenue streams and execute growth strategies.
  • Reach your customers with the right offer and the right time.
  • Create and execute campaigns.
  • Present a single, integrated quote, from any device, 24x7.

Financial Services

Gain a 360-degree view of customer interactions to help you provide better service, have more meaningful conversations, and anticipate customer needs with Infor Customer Experience Suite. You'll be able to align your sales and marketing departments, for better real-time information sharing, shared strategy, and more effective marketing and sales campaigns.

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financial services ›


  • Get real-time personalization.
  • Strategically apply data analytics to enhance customer interactions.
  • Track important financial information in one consolidated view.
  • Receive alerts when thresholds are met based on your clients' portfolio performance to facilitate quick responses.
  • Manage campaigns more effectively with localized and targeted content. 

High Tech and Electronics

Shift to a more customer-focused approach to business to raise brand awareness, improve customer relationships and meet the unique customer demand.  By leveraging  marketing automation, CRM, marketing resource management and product configuration tools, High Tech and Electronics companies can effectively deliver innovative and reliable products to the market.

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high tech and electronics ›


  • Optimize your customer interactions across multiple business units and channels.
  • Provide a single, integrated quotation of all systems and subcomponents of a highly complex order.
  • Plan, execute, and monitor multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Formulate insights that can increase leads, retention, and revenue.


Deliver relevant, timely information so you can build meaningful connections with customers with the Infor Customer Experience Suite. You'll gain the insight you need to create a personalized shopping experience, improve customer service, and build long-term loyalty.

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  • Deliver the same personalized experience online, in-store or via mobile device.
  • Integrate customer data and marketing technology tools.
  • Use social marketing to monitor, listen, and profile to identify the best leads and send personalized offers.
  • Anticipate and meet customer demand for product or quality improvements—as well as customer shopping preferences—through detailed analysis of customer information.


Overcome the challenges of doing business globally by attaining a 360 degree view of your customers with Infor Customer Experience Suite. You'll be able to easily keep track of all customer transactions and meet unique customer requirements in a profitable way. And you can integrate and share data across departments to support your organization's workflow.

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  • Maintain a comprehensive database of vendors and suppliers to effectively manage supply and demand.
  • Integrate with back-office systems to access key customer information and manufacturing data.
  • Improve accuracy and customer satisfaction.
  • Leverage advanced analytics to make informed decisions with real-time visibility into your CRM-related data.

Customer stories


Meridian Bioscience CRM

Hear employees talk about the impact Infor CRM has made on their business, and call Infor CRM "…a very intuitive system, easy to use and easy to adapt."

Dunlop Aircraft Tyres

Dunlop Aircraft Tyres

Learn how Dunlop Aircraft Tyres improves communication with Infor CRM


Quality Solutions, Inc.

Learn how Quality Solutions, Inc. created an industry-leading work order platform with Infor CRM.



Plastimayd reduces costs and increases sales with Infor Product Configurator.



Hear about the impact Infor CRM made the moment of go-live and the impacts to overall customers experience.


Infor Customer Experience Suite delivers alignment and operational efficiencies across all departments, resulting in optimal strategy execution and consistent customer experiences that will increase customer and brand loyalty.

Capture knowledge about your customizable products once, and then share with dealers and your sales force—on any device—to make selection and configuration intuitive and error-free. This image-driven, easy-to-use solution, delivers fast and accurate quoting and guarantees one vision from order to delivery while cutting costs and boosting profits.

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  • Dynamic, customizable user experience
  • Product rules and constraints engine
  • Integrates with CRM, ERP, and CAD systems
  • Multi-channel capabilities
  • Cloud-based or on-premise

Infor Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) improves the creation, negotiation, execution, and management of contracts throughout their development. The application treats key terms, conditions, and clauses as attributes and provides insights on those elements. By doing away with a document-centric approach and incorporating an intuitive user experience design, Infor CLM accelerates and streamlines all enterprise contract processes, helping to shorten sales cycles and reduce costs while also generating context-rich analytics to help manage risk and optimize performance. 

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  • Attribute-centric architecture
  • Rules-based contract creation
  • Rich analytics
  • Fast customization
  • End-to-end visibility and compliance monitoring
  • Intuitive UX

Infor CRM is an award-winning CRM solution that delivers a complete view of customer interactions across your sales, marketing, customer service, and support teams, so they can collaborate effectively and respond promptly and knowledgably to sales opportunities and customer inquiries—both in the office and in the field.

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  • State-of-the-art technology platform delivers cost-effective, purpose- built solutions.
  • Get flexibility and control in how you deploy, use, and pay for this powerful CRM solution.
  • Actionable insights enable informed decision-making.
  • Get rich functionality on smartphones and tablets

Optimize your customer interactions across multiple departments and channels with the power of Infor Interaction Advisor. This tool finds the best offers for a single customer and will take your organization's customer experience management and ROI to new heights.

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  • Advanced decision engine presents the best offer to the customer in real-time.
  • Take strategic advantage of every customer interaction on all of your channels.
  • Improve your cross-sell or upsell on self-serve, face-to-face, and ear-to-ear channels.
  • Understand what drives customer response and optimize your targeting for the future.

This crucial operations tool helps you better plan, execute, and monitor multi-channel marketing campaigns. You get digital asset management, resource management, project management, budget and cost tracking, creative approval processing, capacity planning, and analytics.

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  • Create marketing plans.
  • Track activities.
  • Manage collaborative production.
  • Control budgets and finances.
  • Localize print materials.
  • Manage digital brand assets.

Get the right tools to plan, execute, and monitor your outbound direct marketing campaigns across every customer contact channel. With Infor Omni-channel Campaign Management, you'll be able to easily analyze your customer data to find the best customers for a single offer.

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  • Build ongoing customer relationships while respecting your customers' preferences.
  • Allow your customers to opt in or out.
  • Get help acquiring and keeping customers, as well as selling more to each one.
  • Follow your company's marketing policies and comply with regulations.

Enrich the user experience for customers, citizens, patients, and partners. Infor Rhythm™ shows tailored content and industry-specific configuration, offering an unparalleled personalized business platform that incorporates beautiful design with out-of-the-box back office and inventory management integrations.

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  • Single sign-on user authentication
  • Omni-channel engagement
  • Modern, open source architecture
  • Best-in-class design agency services
  • Building and hosting services for responsive web sites

Infor Sales Intelligence for CRM connects with your customer relationship management (CRM) platform to help you define customer purchase likelihood. You can also use the data you already have to predict the next likely purchase recommendations at an individual customer level.

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  • Drive intelligent customer interactions across multiple channels
  • Increase cross-sell revenue
  • Start conversations based on each customer’s specific interests
  • Gain automatic and continuous learning

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Infor Customer Experience solution footprint

See a map of the capabilities and technologies that power Infor Customer Experience.

Dude, where's my data?

This infographic explores how to turn Big Data into smart data and put customer information to work for your brand.

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