Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Embed real-time risk monitoring into existing business processes

Within the last decade, bad business practices, coupled with inadequate processes and controls, have brought down high-profile companies virtually overnight. With increasing scrutiny and governance challenges, organizations cannot afford mistakes. Far too many organizations still rely on manual processes and controls, which puts them at great risk.

Governance, Risk and Compliance programs supported by accurate actionable intelligence reduce risk and improve business efficiency.  Infor's technology framework, together with continuous monitoring and risk management functions built into Infor business applications, provides a robust platform for governance, risk and compliance management.  Workflow and process automation with ION Process or Lawson Process Automation products, use rule based routing, approvals and multi-step interventions to deliver "preventative" controls. Such checks and balances reduce errors and significantly improve compliance, promote shared practices, and are auditable.

Business Intelligence combined with Infor Approva Continuous Monitoring analysis facilitates "predictive" controls to mitigate future risk. You are successful when technology helps you monitor 100% of your users and 100% of the transactions they execute in your systems. Infor's solutions identify exceptions and control breakdowns right when they occur. Our technology helps facilitate holistic management of GRC through contextual linked information, process and analytics.

Infor's solutions can help you:

  • meet regulatory compliance and adherence to policies
  • make your GRC processes more efficient and reliable
  • gain confidence in the integrity of your financial results and systems without breaking the bank or strangling productivity
  • automate internal controls testing across multiple systems and control types
  • automate repetitive audit activities so employees can focus on more value-added activities
  • automate and push ownership of business controls out to business owners
  • reduce loss and prevent fraud from occurring

Finance Organizations can proactively identify and address exceptions so you can reduce financial reporting errors, lower audit and compliance costs and improve financial reporting accuracy.

  • Accounts Payable: Identify duplicate payments, suspicious purchases and violations of corporate purchasing policies that directly impact your P&L.
  • General Ledger: Automatically detect unusual journal entries, inappropriate changes to the chart of accounts and high risk configurations that can lead to financial reporting errors.
  • Accounts Receivable: Improve cash flow by ensuring sales orders, deliveries and invoices are accurate and consistent with corporate policies. Identify suspicious or fraudulent orders.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Automate controls testing required to meet regulatory compliance obligations. Reduce the cost of audits with ongoing monitoring and automated reporting.
  • Fraud Prevention: Identify early indicators of occupational fraud and billing schemes.

Audit & Risk Management groups can automate manual control testing, streamline audit preparation and proactively monitor key risks.  As new risks emerge, auditors can create new rules that automatically identify when issues arise.

  • Continuous Audit: Automate manual control testing while expanding the scope of your audit with automated testing of system configurations, user access, master data and transactions.
  • Controls Rationalization: Replace redundant manual controls with fewer, more effective and precise preventive controls that reduce red tape and more effectively reduce risk and fraud.
  • Policy Compliance and Enforcement: Ensure adherence to corporate policies by actively monitoring for violations and inconsistencies - even in remote divisions and business units.
  • Privacy: Monitor access to sensitive information and transactions such as employee information, bank accounts and credit card numbers.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Automate controls testing required to meet regulatory compliance obligations. Ongoing monitoring reduces the cost of audit with automated reporting.

IT Security groups can automate the process of analyzing and monitoring segregation of duties (SoD) and sensitive access exceptions, remediate exceptions, establish automated compensating controls and analyze ongoing user access changes to prevent new risks.

  • Segregation of Duties (SoD): Analyze and monitor applications for segregation of duties conflicts. Automate remediation and implement preventive controls to ensure SoD cleanup is a one-time event and not a quarterly project.
  • Access Certification: Automate the end-to-end process for reviewing access rights across all business applications, shared drives and other sources of sensitive information.
  • User Provisioning: Analyze user access requests at their most granular level as part of your user provisioning process.
  • Super User Access: Eliminate the most frequent IT audit issue by automating the provisioning and monitoring of IT administrators when they need "firefighting" access to troubleshoot your ERP system.
  • Application Configuration: Baseline and monitor system and process configuration settings for all of your applications so you can identify when changes are made that compromise the integrity of financial transactions and underlying data.
  • Master Data: Monitor when unauthorized changes are made and help maintain quality and accuracy of the master data.
  • ERP Deployments & Upgrades: Build automated controls for access, configuration settings and transactions into your ERP system up-front so you can meet go live deadlines without unwanted risk.

Contact us to learn how the Infor Approva Continuous Monitoring product can help meet your Governance, Risk and Compliance challenges.


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