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Visibility and control for profitable projects

When it comes to project accounting, a comprehensive, multi-business-unit solution that is fully integrated with all your financial resource management systems is critical.

Infor FMS (Financial Management System) project accounting software helps companies manage even complex, multi-year, international projects profitably. With Infor project accounting solutions, companies can budget at the project level, manage project-related assets, track and record costs in the most appropriate work breakdown structure, and calculate and track billing and revenue by project. With immediate access to accurate summary and detailed reporting and analysis, you’re able to keep all your projects on target.

Infor’s project accounting solutions help enterprising companies like yours:

  • Ensure project profitability through tight cost control, timely billing, and accurate revenue recognition
  • Link project activities with company financials while keeping project data separate
  • Improve financial accountability by increasing visibility of project-related data
  • Manage assets effectively to achieve project goals
    Reduce costs and improve cash flow 

As part of our multinational financial management offering, Infor’s project accounting software integrates easily with other financial management systems such as general ledgers, fixed assets, and more. Together, these solutions provide end-to-end financial control and transparency. Infor’s solutions for project accounting include: 

  • Asset Management—measure, monitor, and protect enterprise assets to ensure service continuity, achieve regulatory compliance, and reach operational goals.
  • Project Tracking—create and manage budgets, capture commitments and expenditures, and calculate and track billing and revenue.

Contact us to learn how Infor’s financial resource management software and multinational financial management solutions will make a difference in your business.

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