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When running a business, it is essential to have a solution that not only manages your finances, but also that performs as an intelligent business tool. Pegasus Software solutions address the financial management and business needs of small- to medium-sized enterprises across a vast range of industry sectors, including manufacturing, wholesale, and retail, real estate renting, construction, and other business activities. 

Pegasus Opera II is a complete end-to-end financial and business management solution that thinks ahead. Its flexible reporting and analysis functions put you in control of your business, while its innovative alerting and scheduling tools help you maximize productivity so your organization operates as efficiently as possible.

Pegasus Opera II can help you:

  • Streamline business processes and improve productivity .
  • Unlock key business information for better decision making.
  • Improve your close rate and increase sales
  • Boost customer satisfaction with improved service levels.

An investment in Opera II delivers a lower cost of ownership. Our solution is modular, so you can add new modules at a time that suits you. With a Pegasus Annual Maintenance Contract, you don't need to budget yearly for legislative and software upgrades-they're covered in your contract.

Pegasus Software has been creating market-leading accounting software since 1981. During that time, we've come a long way. Our flagship product, Opera II. was launched in 2001. Today more than 20,000 companies rely on Opera II.

No two businesses are the same. That's why Opera II is adaptable, and has its own development environment.  This means that businesses can benefit from a solution that is tailored to meet their exact requirements and can realize a greater return on their initial investment.
With a strong network of 120 Pegasus Partners across the UK, Opera II is a key player in the accounting software market.

Opera II can help businesses evolve and adapt to an ever changing environment. Could your business solution work harder for you?

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