The power of Infor d/EPM

Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM) is the industry's first and only platform for truly real time, in-context decision making. Imagine having access to your performance data and system controls monitoring when transactions are processed and business decisions are made. With Infor d/EPM, your staff is empowered to make better and more timely decisions. Your management team will have access to performance data and operational intelligence anytime, anywhere.  All of your decision support systems will rely on one central source of truth, and the connection between your transaction systems and your business intelligence are seamless.


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Nucleus Research ranks Infor a leader in ECPM solutions.

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What is Infor d/EPM?

Infor d/EPM is a comprehensive data, analytics and enterprise decision platform that powers executive strategies, smarter management, and intelligent operations. What makes d/EPM "dynamic" is Infor's in-memory grid architecture surrounded by the Infor 10x technology stack.

Infor d/EPM features the union of Infor's comprehensive enterprise performance management suite of applications with our world class BI technology platform and our 10x technology stack, featuring the Infor Ming.le™ enterprise collaboration platform and Infor ION integration platform. We have done the hard work to complete the integrations so that information is available in real-time without using cumbersome Extract Transform Load (ETL) tools which do not provide real-time data feeds.

Infor d/EPM offers:

  • Enterprise Performance Management – applications to support your organizations budgeting and planning, strategy management, workforce budgeting and financial consolidation needs.
  • Business Analytics – to support analysis of financial performance, sales performance, and operational performance.

Infor d/EPM also provides industry-specific EPM solutions and analytics for:

Identify cost savings opportunities, improve hiring and personnel management, and increase collaboration with analytics built by healthcare experts specifically for the healthcare industry.

Get a real-time view of your business, analyze key metrics such as occupancy rates and profitability by outlet, and increase profitability with analytics built to meet the unique needs of the multi-faceted hospitality industry.

Get a big picture view of key metrics like total business inventory and manufacturing throughput, detect drivers for quality issues, and more with reports and dashboards that are pre-packaged, easily integrated, and based on decades of industry experience.

The Infor d/EPM advantage

  • A comprehensive solution that incorporates world class BI technology with compete EPM capabilities
  • Solutions tailored to Infor core industries including– industry analytic packs for tailored decision making as well as industry specific EPM solutions
  • Complete solution sets for the CFO to manage corporate performance and combine it with industry leading analytics to provide real time decision making during transaction processing in context of your performance plans
  • Available both On Premise or in the Cloud
  • Pre-integrated with your ERP and Business Management solutions so no ETL is required.

All available with Infor’s beautiful UI (single User Interface for all EPM and BI) that matches your transactional UI. The SoHo UI enables you to view your performance and KPIs in context of your ERP transaction processing.

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Best-in-class solutions


Infor Reporting

Standard reporting capabilities continue to be available to support core reporting needs within your ERP system. With Infor Reporting, you get an extensive collection of pre-built reports that you can use immediately to simplify your work. Those reports include essential operational functions such as production, general ledger, project management, purchasing, and sales. You'll also have streamlined report building capabilities that make it easy for any business user to create ad-hoc, custom reports without any help from IT.


Infor BI

Infor Business Intelligence (BI) 10x delivers advanced analytics and planning capabilities, self-service dashboards, and social collaboration for a more beautiful, modern, mobile, and social experience. At its core, Infor BI 10x is fused with innovative core technologies such as Infor ION and Infor Ming.le ™ to create an experience that surpasses the ordinary to maximize real-time visibility and cultivate business development.
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Infor Analytics

Infor Analytics, delivers pre-packaged role and industry-based analytics that allow users across your organization to easily monitor and analyze the performance of your business. With Infor Analytics, we deliver packaged content on top of our world class BI platform so you can reduce and even eliminate the need to develop your own custom dashboards and begin using your BI solution immediately and take advantage of 30 years of expertise in delivering reporting solutions to customers.
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Infor EPM

Infor Enterprise Performance Management is a comprehensive suite of performance management applications to help you streamline corporate planning, budgeting, and forecasting. In addition to planning, budgeting and forecasting, Infor EPM provides best in class financial consolidation and workforce planning capabilities.


Infor Approva

The incorporation of continuous controls monitoring capabilities in the Infor d/EPM solution set makes our solution truly unique in the industry. Finance managers are quickly realizing the link between performance management and risk management. With Infor Approva, your performance and decision making processes will have the added assurances that come from monitoring your systems in real time for risks and anomalies.
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Success stories

Spotlight: Enbridge Gas links performance to growth

Enbridge Gas uses Infor EPM to link its performance to strategic objectives and measure progress.

Infor EPM customers


Many of the world's leading EPM companies trust Infor EPM to improve their business.

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Overview of d/EPM from a planner perspective. Shows overall navigation and data entry capabilities.

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Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management  

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Dresner Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study

For the second year in a row, Infor has been positioned as the leading "Titan" in the Wisdom of Crowds ® 2014 Business Intelligence Market Study. 

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BPM Pulse Survey

With a focus on key topics such as budgeting and planning, this unique report is the only survey of its kind that covers both the business and technical aspects of performance.

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What’s new for the 10x release of Infor ION

Learn how you can easily build customized mobile dashboards and put the power of analytics directly into the hands of end-users with a broad range of sophisticated but easy-to-use tools.

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