Infor Dynamic Enterprise
Performance Management

Infor Dynamic Enterprise
Performance Management

Unprecedented insight into your business

Better insight for informed decisions

Global markets have become increasingly competitive. And at the same time, the pace of strategic planning is accelerating and driving the need for deeper, more effective information management. These changes have quickly outpaced traditional software's ability to monitor and predict business performance.

Progressive organizations, like yours, that are looking to build competitive advantage and gain a holistic view of business performance are choosing innovative enterprise performance management software and practices. With these tools, your organization can consistently measure past and current performance and forecast future activities.

Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (Infor d/EPM) offers intelligent business and financial performance management capabilities, so you can drive your overall business performance more effectively. With Infor d/EPM, you'll have greater insight, so you can make more informed decisions across your enterprise.

Infor d/EPM at a glance

  • Real-time decision-making
  • Powerful and flexible platform
  • In-memory grid technology
  • Forecasting on the fly
  • Anytime, anywhere, any device access
  • Support for task management and workflow
  • Multi-currency support

How Infor d/EPM helps the CFO

As a CFO or a business leader, you strive to make informed decisions for your business. But key decisions require accurate and reliable information, solid analysis, strong financial discipline, and the application of best practices.

Watch this video for a summary from Infor President Duncan Angove on how Infor d/EPM was designed and how it’s helping CFOs take control of decisions, while avoiding chaos in decision support architecture.

Deploy innovative performance management

The Infor Enterprise Performance Management suite of products is based on an in-memory analytics platform that provides instant consolidation of data and immediate user feedback on the impact of financial and business plans and forecasts. And with in-context business intelligence capabilities built in, the benefits go far beyond just easy access to data. You can better manage performance, risk, and the impact of decisions across your organization.

Deep analytics and insight_65x65

Deep analytics and insight

Transform information into actionable insights and make data a competitive advantage with deep analytics and business intelligence. You'll get a real-time view of performance across your business to help you speed decision making and unlock siloed data between your enterprise applications.

Intelligent financial performance management_65x65

Intelligent financial performance management

By combining planning, budgeting, and forecasting in a single system, you get better predictive modeling and an agile platform for your operational planning, workforce budgeting, and sales estimates. You can incorporate your strategic plans and monitor against your actual performance, as well as consolidate your holdings for complete financial reporting.

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Holistic risk and compliance_65x65

Holistic risk and compliance

Streamline external audits, cut the cost of compliance, and provide holistic views of data and user access across multiple business environments—all with continuous and automated monitoring. You’ll gain the visibility and access you need to minimize your organization’s risk of noncompliance and security breaches, and save hundreds of hours by eliminating laborious preparation activities.

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Kempinski Hotels_quote_200x125

“With Infor d/EPM we have been able to define strict reporting standards, yet have also entirely customized Kempinski’s reporting environment. This improves the user experience and drives efficiency.”

Zsolt Pinter, Director of Reporting
Kempinski Hotels

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Highlights and core features

Create deep plan hierarchies, compare plans to forecasts, and adjust plans on the fly. Task management, decision packages, workflow, and versioning capabilities bring a new level of discipline and flexibility to your budgeting processes.

Consolidate multiple sets of books quickly and seamlessly from each of your legal entities, process elimination entries, and generate a single set of financial statements.

Detail headcount requirements, model salary adjustments, account for vacancies, and assess room for increasing or decreasing staff.

Bring more discipline to cost management and identify cost objects regardless of what they are—projects, products, departments, activities. Distribute costs through multi-step, multi-level allocations as part of the overall planning process.

Map out your strategic goals, tie them to your tactical plans, monitor progress toward your goals, and take action.

Assess your capital investments more accurately and determine which projects to fund with new capital planning capabilities.

Extend the core functionality of Infor d/EPM through sub plans because the solution is built on the Infor BI platform. You can add new tabs to your workbooks for detailed revenue models with different time granularity than in the core model.

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Combine Infor d/EPM and Infor Risk & Compliance to get extensive tool sets that work together to provide holistic views of data and user access across multiple business environments, so you can help promote consistent compliance with all  applicable regulations and requirements.

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Infor d/EPM solution map

The Infor d/EPM solution map is built on a foundation of cloud-delivered, up-to-date, easy-to-integrate micro-vertical suites and cross-industry applications. You get in-context business intelligence, an intuitive user experience, and mobile access, so you can empower meaningful business collaboration.



An open technology stack to run on any infrastructure

With Infor d/EPM's unique virtualized architecture, you can lower your total cost of ownership by supporting an open-source infrastructure, giving you maximum flexibility for how you choose to deploy and manage your operations.

Unify data from multiple systems

Infor ION integrates d/EPM with other enterprise applications in near real-time, providing a unified set of data for analytics, performance management, and compliance.

Experience the new d/EPM


Infor ION extends Infor d/EPM with broad business process management and analytical capabilities. Easy-to-use workflow, alerts, and tasks bring information to every user. ION also quickly integrates d/EPM to your other enterprise systems.
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Business collaboration

Infor Ming.le™ embeds a centralized collaboration platform within Infor d/EPM, empowering your employees to work together across sites, share information, and much more.
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Mobile apps

Infor's mobile applications empower your workforce with anytime, anywhere access to systems, information, and processes in a secure environment.

Business intelligence

Move faster from data to decisions with Infor Analytics. Get access to real-time insights from across the globe, unparalleled capabilities, and role-based dashboards.
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A stunning user experience

Give your team access to business and financial performance data anytime, anywhere, and empower your staff to make better decisions. With Infor d/EPM, you can provide one central source of truth and a seamless connection between your transaction systems and your business intelligence—all with an engaging, modern user experience.

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Designed for your industry

Infor d/EPM continues to be developed jointly with industry experts to deliver industry specific best practices eliminating the need for difficult customizations. With Infor d/EPM, you get a solution designed specifically for your industry out of the box.


Thanks to its powerful forecasting capabilities, Infor d/EPM supports many types of industrial products in one or several plants and facilities. Infor d/EPM lets your planners to simulate the impact of changes in both short and long-term forecasts, which minimizes business disruptions.

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  • Hybrid manufacturing support
  • Rules-based configurator supports dynamic dimensional sizing
  • Master planning and detailed order planning


Quickly expanding global markets, massive competitive pressure, and the escalating influence of consumers paired with a loss of brand-loyalty is forcing major brands to re-evaluate their technology and management strategies. To entice guests, manage performance at every property, and deliver service that lives up to your brand promise, you need a global technology partner who can help you collect and analyze real-time data from many sources-while complying with government regulations.

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  • Global technology platform to align operations against brand standards
  • Multi-currency financials with powerful performance analysis by region, market, and property
  • Cloud-based technology to standardize franchise operations with minimal expense

Financial Services

Infor offers an end-to-end financial performance management suite that provides financial services organizations with deep visibility into every facet of their business. With easy-to-use collaboration and analytic tools, your team can make better decisions, faster—from any location


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  • Monitor global financial transactions
  • Consistent risk management and visibility
  • Analytics with interactive dashboards
  • International deployment ready

Customer stories


Kempinski Hotels

Founded in 1897, Kempinski Hotels (Kempinski) is Europe's oldest luxury hotel group. It currently operates over 70 five-star hotels and residences in more than 30 countries. In order to make informed management decisions, Kempinski relies on accurate, real-time data on the state of its business and partnered with Infor to make more informed management decisions.


ICC International Public Company Limited

ICC International Public Company Limited was founded in 1964 and currently distributes over 100 branded products. Due to globalization and trade liberalization, the fashion industry in Thailand has experienced rising pressure from domestic and overseas competitors. To maintain strong positioning in a highly competitive market, ICC looked to Infor d/EPM and Infor BI to help reach its goals.


Infor d/EPM has extensive integration capabilities for both Infor and non-Infor sources, reflecting Infor's commitment to delivering solutions built on a best-in-class model and integrated in a single platform for enterprise-wide monitoring.


  • Lawson Enterprise Applications 10
  • XA
  • Infor SunSystems 
  • Infor CloudSuite Financials 11
  • M3 13.2
  • LN
  • SyteLine 9


SNAPSHOT: ICC International Public Company Limited

Learn how ICC International expands its customer base with Infor d/EPM and Infor BI and maintains strong positioning in a highly competitive market.

eBOOK: Infor d/EPM

When you use an integrated set of common applications for planning, analysis, and compliance, and then connect it all to your underlying systems, you gain unprecedented insight into your business.