Infor Public Sector Suite (Formerly Hansen)

Infor Public Sector Suite (Formerly Hansen)

Infor Public Sector

You know how tough it is to provide the citizens of your state, city, or county with high-quality services when your budget is shrinking and regulations are increasing. With Infor Public Sector solutions you can cut costs, get the information you need, when you need it in order to comply with a constantly growing list of regulations and requirements, and better manage your infrastructure.

Discover how to see clearly into all areas of your agency and improve service to your citizens with Infor's Public Sector software.

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Find out why Infor Public Sector is the most innovative, proficient, and modern solution in the industry.

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Public Sector Suite solutions

Improve asset efficiency, conduct planned and unplanned maintenance, manage work costs, and optimize your asset life cycle.

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Infor community development and regulation (CDR) software helps large and small local governments worldwide to improve permitting, code enforcement, business licensing, and related land management activities. You will manage municipal services more effectively, cut costs, meet requirements, and increase citizen satisfaction.

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  • Land management and permitting
  • Licensing for businesses and individuals
  • Regulatory and code enforcement
  • Billing and payment processing
  • Mobile field automation
  • Web-based services
  • Mapping

Infor Public Sector CIS Billing gives your agency the power to serve customers professionally and efficiently with cutting-edge customer information system (CIS) tools. We designed this comprehensive municipal utility billing software suite specifically for local and state agencies' water, wastewater, storm, power and refuse customers. With Infor Public Sector CIS Billing, your organization can:

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  • Achieve "first call resolution" more often by supporting faster, clearer decision-making at the customer interaction level
  • Give your employees the tools to perform their daily tasks quickly by putting your agency's knowledge base just one click away
  • Generate bills, receive and track payments, and maintain historical information regarding services, accounts, and customers
  • Gain unrestricted flexibility to create bill types, rate codes, and bill formats
  • Personalize and configure screens, processes, and dashboards to meet your agency's needs without custom programming
  • Improve the way different departments work together by using a true enterprise solution

Give your government agency the tools it needs to better process and manage citizen requests and manage your call center. Infor Public Sector CRM is a true citizen-based CRM solution for the public sector.

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Infor Public Sector CRM helps public sector organizations:

  • Create a consistent message across all the information provided to citizens
  • Input, manage, and report on all contact with citizens and the status of each request
  • Provide operators with a single system that delivers direct access to all information a citizen is likely to request
  • Provide timely and accurate information to citizens
  • Create and send sophisticated, compliant emails to your constituents and nurture them automatically using drip engagement campaigns
  • Transform citizen contact from an "in-line" system to an "online" system

Keep your transportation systems operating at peak performance while reducing costs with dedicated transit and rail software.

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For customers in Australia and New Zealand, Infor Pathway improves the efficiency of local authority business processes, including people management, land and property management, revenue management, and regulatory management.

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Customer Stories

Municipality of Anchorage

Municipality of Anchorage

Using Infor Public Sector, the Alaska municipality realized 100% ROI in about 12 months, saved 12.4% on project budget, and increased customer service delivery 62% with active case violations dropping from 1,146 to 270. From reduced inspection time, the municipality posts annual cost savings of $758,000.

City of Las Vegas

City of Las Vegas

Las Vegas has “successfully reengineered our business processes while taking advantage of the latest features of Infor Public Sector to enable better online, mobile, IVR, and even Artificial Intelligence based engagement with our citizens.”

  • Diane Santiago Cornier
  • Enterprise Project Manager
  • City of Las Vegas

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