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The future of beautiful engagement
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    Discover beautiful engagement and customizable Infor software with Infor Rhythm™.

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    See how Rhythm powers interactions across vertical-specialized Infor solutions and platforms.

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    Driven by industry-leading beautiful
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A groundbreaking Infor experience

Infor Rhythm™ is a state-of-the-art engagement platform incorporating world-class design agency support with out-of-the-box back office and inventory management integrations, all hosted in the cloud.

Reach your clients with consumer grade experiences for an omnichannel world; while reducing maintenance and overhead costs without large new infrastructure investments.

This is the future of modern, user-centric enterprise software.

This is Infor Rhythm™.

Infor Rhythm™ at a glance

  • Out-of-the-box ERP, inventory management, and marketing integration
  • 24/7 cloud-based service and engagement
  • Modern open source tools: Node.js, Marionette.js, Backbone.js, Mongo DB
  • Best-in-class agency services

Unique capabilities

Infor Rhythm™ combines a customizable engagement platform with the next level of
industry specialized Infor software. Rhythm™ is designed to drive your top and bottom line
by empowering cross-enterprise engagement that is more intelligent, more consistent, and more beautiful.


Omni-channel interactions

Mobile and on-site interactions optimized across a variety of your preferred devices. Real-time communication throughout your enterprise delivers the data you need to succeed, when you need it, across the channels you
rely on


Next generation of cloud deployment

Infor Rhythm™ is built around an open-source stack that includes Node.js and lives on the cloud. Node.js is viewed throughout the industry as the driver behind modern web applications and services; its true differentiators are speed, flexibility, and reusability.  


Create one-of-a-kind experiences

Your business is uniqueyour software should be too. Infor Rhythm™ optimizes enterprises through tailored content and vertical-specific configurations, offering an unparalleled personal business platform.

What can Infor Rhythm™ do for you?



Redefine your customer relationships

Track user behaviors, affinity, and context across different digital and mobile channels.



Your data in real-time

Monitor performance, update content, and discover the real-time power of Infor CloudSuite™.



Next-generation, customer-specific content

Deliver relevant and targeted content and messages across channels and devices optimized around each individual user.



Own your software suite

Streamline operational efficiencies, supply chain executions, and client deliveries.

Built-in Content
Management System

Infor Rhythm™ delivers more than just a beautiful e-store; it equips you with the tools to manage your content, users, and assets. Through a clean intuitive interface, your business is empowered to easily build and maintain your site—without extensive technical qualifications.

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What makes Infor Rhythm™ special?

Discover the inspiration behind Infor Rhythm™'s next-generation software.

Designed for an Omnichannel World

Conceptualized from a platform agnostic mindset, Rhythm™ hosts fully responsive web experiences for B2C and B2B enterprises; reaching customers across devices, wherever they are.

Discover Rhythm™'s Next-Generation User Experience (UX) ›

Superior technology platform

We wrote the most modern engagement platform in the market from scratch with an open source technology stack for maximum flexibility. Featuring a modular framework, Rhythm™ is an
integration layer for your backoffice, ERP, marketing, CRM, and finance systems.

Bundled in world-class design services

Our diverse team of agency creatives work with Infor Rhythm™ customers to create compelling, industry  stories around their products and brands.

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Specialized by industry.
Engineered for speed.
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