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Achieve the next level of customer engagement

Get the tools, resources, and support you need to help make your online interactions a true
business advantage with Infor Rhythm™, a cloud-based B2B engagement platform. In a single,
integrated package, you get comprehensive capabilities, from design services and ERP integration
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What makes Infor Rhythm different?

Expert design services

  • Create rich user experiences with the help of Hook & Loop, Infor's internal design agency. Your monthly subscription gives you full-service treatment from a world-class team, including layout, design, user interface, and ongoing strategic support, plus the ability to easily add and manage content on your own once your site is up and running.

Tight ERP integration

  • Achieve tight integration between your engagement platform and ERP solution with simplified integrations to Infor LN, Infor M3, and Infor SyteLine. Infor Rhythm links information like inventory availability and order status to your engagement platform to help optimize supply chain execution.

Personalized experiences

  • Deliver personalized online experiences with tailored content, marketing messages, and offers based on user activity and buying behavior. Infor Rhythm makes it easier for customers to find and purchase products, while helping to increase shopping cart conversions to sales, sell more per click, and increase customer loyalty.

Content optimization

  • Transform your business strategy with a holistic view of how your site is performing and who is visiting, while also tracking the buying behavior of your customers with a system that adapts automatically based on usage and predictive analytics.

Omni-channel support

  • Optimize online interactions across a wide variety of devices by delivering consistent information and enhancing user experiences through easy navigation and minimal resizing or scrolling.

Micro-vertical functionality and design

  • Address your unique requirements with Infor Rhythm's flexible e-Commerce platform. Tell us what you want to build, and we'll tailor it to your industry and needs.

With Infor Rhythm, you'll be able to:

Enrich your customer interactions

  • Build loyalty by delivering exceptional user experiences that engage audiences more richly and improve conversion rates.

Power your top and bottom line

  • Increase sales and profitability with a new marketing and sales channel that has a low, predictable total cost of ownership.

Scale your market impact

  • Expand your reach and grow your brands by taking advantage of omni-channel sales and distribution opportunities.

Simplify and save with CloudSuite deployment

Deployment in Infor CloudSuite means that Infor Rhythm is simpler and more cost-effective to support and maintain. You can keep your total cost of ownership low, avoid redirecting limited IT resources, and more easily keep your technology optimized and up to date.

Learn more about Infor CloudSuite >

Rhythm’s applications are proven and trusted by industry leaders, including:

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