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To ensure enterprise software delivers on its promise to improve processes and productivity, Infor applications replace disorderly interfaces and complicated screens with Infor SoHo Experience—a consumer-grade interface that enables users to complete tasks with speed and efficiency, boosting productivity and confidence.


The Infor User Experience Advantage

  • Get a consumer-inspired user experience
  • Turn siloed data sources into synchronized ones
  • Have role-based information delivered directly to users anytime, anywhere
  • Eliminate time wasted navigating between systems and hunting for information
  • Create personalized, collaborative work environments
  • Build a centralized space for collaboration and information sharing and tracking


Our philosophy: why experience matters



"What we do is we actually go to our users. We go to the front-end hotel managers and we talk to them about how they're using Infor applications. We think about the circumstances they find themselves under, what problems they're trying to solve in that minute, and we create software that meets their unique needs and experiences."


Marc Scibelli
Chief Creative Officer, Infor


Our design vision: make it feel natural, meaningful, and enjoyable

The Infor SoHo Experience refers to the holistic, user-centered design vision applied to all Infor products. Our standard for product design boils down to three principles: it must be natural, meaningful, and enjoyable. It's not just about making products pretty, but delivering benefits that improve the lives of our users.

  • Natural
  • Applications should be intuitive, fluid, and natural to use; it shouldn't take a lot of work to make it work.
  • Meaningful
  • Applications should tailor experiences to deliver exactly what a user needs, right when they need it, to enable faster, better
  • Enjoyable
  • Applications should push past the functional, and create emotionally powerful experiences that inspire.

Our approach: how we create unforgettable experiences

Ask the right questions

Key to our creative discovery is poking holes in rationalizations, seeing the status quo as anything but, and staying fearless in our quest to transform the ERP landscape. The eternal question at our core is, "What if?"

Gather the right people together

We've assembled a team of unusual suspects, including fashion executives, artists, and reporters, who are at their hearts, creative problem solvers looking to reinvent the experiences that enterprise software delivers.

Get close to customers

We moved our headquarters to New York City to be closer to our broad customer base located here. We now meet with them to gauge their needs so we can optimize their interactions with Infor's applications.

Create a cohesive design vision

Infor SoHo Experience refers to the holistic, user-centered design vision applied to Infor products. Its name is inspired by the SoHo neighborhood in New York City, known as a hub for artistic talent and creativity.

Bring the vision to life

To unify and bring our visual design to life, we created an impressive UX style guide, disseminated to Infor's designers and developers to facilitate the adoption and integrity of our products.

Test drive the vision

We test drive our solutions in the hands of users through explorations and workshops to learn how our designs perform in a real life. From here, we create products that are completely informed by our customers and the way they work.

Live by our standards

Before meeting final product approval, Infor applications must be certified for meeting the Infor SoHo Experience design standards.


Hook & Loop

Hook & Loop is the internal creative think tank of Infor. Part R&D, part creative lab, this group is composed of an eclectic mix of designers, developers, and creators who are unified by a passion for solving complex challenges and breaking the status quo.

Based in the Infor headquarters in New York City's Silicon Alley, Hook & Loop strives to tie the company together in a fresh, agile way through creativity and design. 

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