Infor ION Workflow & Events

Infor ION Workflow & Events provides you with a framework to create, standardize, and monitor business processes, and make changes without needing IT involvement. It creates a seamless flow between your software and the activities of your employees, suppliers, and customers by putting workflow management in your hands.


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What it does

By connecting directly to your Infor solution, Infor ION Workflow & Events connects your software to the actions that take place outside your software. It gives your people a framework for managing, monitoring, and documenting what's been done, what needs doing, and what didn't get done—but should have.

With Infor ION Workflow & Events you can:

  • Design workflows quickly—Design your workflows in a simple flowchart view, which makes it easy to create even complex workflows and refine them whenever you want.
  • Prevent oversights—Detect events that should have happened, but didn't.
  • Ensure consistency—Rapidly reproduce workflows between different sites to ensure consistency in all parts of your business.
  • Make your own rules—Detect exceptions based on business rules that you define, and set automatic notifications and alerts directed to the appropriate people.
  • Provide better service—Monitor service levels to make sure that you meet your performance levels and maintain excellent customer service.
  • Automate approvals—Create simple or sophisticated workflows to automate document routing and approvals across departments and office locations worldwide.

What it means

With Infor ION Workflow & Events you'll have the power to:

  • Identify every task in a business process.
  • Continuously refine processes for maximum efficiency.
  • Replicate processes as widely as possible.

See what continuously refining your business processes can mean to you.

The Workflow & Events difference

Infor ION Workflow & Events uniquely delivers the ability to:

Track the performance and completion of routine tasks so that all the work in your organization gets done correctly and on time.

Streamline your manufacturing, finance, and administrative operations.

Boost performance to new levels.

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