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Businesses today are flooded with information. Between email trails, instant messages, online meetings, and conference calls, you have hours upon hours of critical business conversations that are decentralized, difficult or impossible to track, and ultimately lost. 

Infor Ming.leTM changes all that by providing a centralized platform for employee collaboration, where information is shared and conversations are organized into streams across the enterprise. You'll save time by not having to search for the documents, discussions, and details that matter most, and gain the security provided by traceable communication.

Infor Ming.leTM is Infor’s new centralized platform for social collaboration, business process improvement, and contextual analytics. Click here to learn more.


The Infor Architecture

Get a detailed look at the structure and functions of Infor ION and Infor Ming.le™.

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Make collaboration easy, efficient, and the rule—not the exception

Social collaboration is part of the growing convergence of business and personal technology, and it's an integral component of Infor's commitment to transforming the business software experience as you know it.

That means not just tacking a social collaboration platform onto our solutions, but integrating it across your enterprise. It means streamlining and improving business process management, not creating yet another place where information can be stored. And it means making collaboration easy, efficient, and the rule—not the exception.

The Infor social advantage

With Infor Ming.leTM, you'll have the tools you need to:

  • Create a centralized space for collaboration and information sharing.
  • Organize conversations into streams and make all communications traceable.
  • Quickly find the discussions and documents you need.
  • Increase employee collaboration and improve efficiency.

Best-in-class solutions

Infor Ming.leTM

Build a centralized space for collaboration and information sharing and tracking with Infor Ming.leTM. You can organize conversations into enterprise wide streams and share key screens, data, and attachments, saving time and allowing you to focus on what matters most.

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Infor Mashup Designer

The traditional mashup combines with visionary Infor technology into a powerful tool we call Infor Mashup Designer. Create a personalized screen that unites the information you need from disparate areas of your enterprise for easy accessibility in one "mashed-up" location. No special programming skills or code knowledge is needed to create a cohesive graphical representation of the business content that matters most to you. It's as simple as point-and-click.

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Success stories

Infor Ming.le™ and Ring Container:

Ring Container relies on Infor Ming.le™ to provide an information platform that delivers a professional and attractive social space not only for current employees, but for the next generation workforce as well.

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From nice-to-have to necessity: Why companies are getting serious about social business  

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