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Infor Ming.le™ is a centralized platform for social collaboration, business process improvement, and contextual analytics. The solution accesses key operational and administrative applications in real time, giving you collaboration technologies that are fully integrated across business processes, not just added on.

When employees are able to follow critical data, events, and people, every touch point across your enterprise becomes organized and actionable. Integrated tracking allows users to filter key enterprise data and events between disconnected forms of in-office communication–eliminating obstacles to effective, timely communication that decrease efficiency and productivity.

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Infor Ming.le™ 12 Overview

Overview of new features available in Infor Ming.le™ 12, including;
-Home pages
-Search capabilities
-Menu bars / user experience updates.

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Infor Ming.le Mobile

Zero in on the issues that matter and take the necessary steps to resolve problems with Infor Ming.le™ Mobile. From delivering approvals and alerts automatically to easily monitoring tasks for completion, you can keep your business moving anytime, from anywhere using any mobile device. You can also share and discuss important information with coworkers by posting alerts and tasks to specific groups while on the road. 

The Infor Advantage

With Infor Ming.le, you can:

  • Easily drill back to navigate to specific Infor applications
  • Enable heightened collaboration between business processes
  • Have recurring and organized conversations around a business topic, with internal and external participants
  • See alerts, workflow, analytics and more at a glance, with SoHo UX interface
  • Experience common navigation and a common context engine across applications
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Best-in-class solutions

Infor Ming.leTM

Build a centralized space for collaboration and information sharing and tracking with Infor Ming.leTM. You can organize conversations into enterprise wide streams and share key screens, data, and attachments, saving time and allowing you to focus on what matters most.

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Experience a live, guided tour of Infor Ming.le: Sign up for a quick tour now.

Infor Mashup Designer

Create a personalized screen that unites the information you need from disparate areas of your enterprise for easy accessibility in one "mashed-up" location. No special programming skills or code knowledge is needed to create a cohesive graphical representation of the business content that matters most to you. It's as simple as point-and-click.

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Success stories

Infor Ming.le™ and Ring Container:

Ring Container relies on Infor Ming.le™ to provide an information platform that delivers a professional and attractive social space not only for current employees, but for the next generation workforce as well.

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Infor Ming.le™ Customers



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Infor Ming.le™ Mobile and the Apple Watch  

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Infor Ming.leTM 12 Overview  

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Infor Discovery Guide  

Infor Discovery Guide

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The Infor Architecture  

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Infor Ming.leTM  

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Infor Ming.leTM  

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From nice-to-have to necessity: Why companies are getting serious about social business  

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Infor 10x  

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Infor Ming.leTM App  

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Mingledorff's - ION & Infor Ming.leTM  

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Infor Smart Office & Ming.leTM  

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