Age of networked intelligence

Age of networked intelligence

Challenges and opportunities for the digital enterprise


A fresh look at global compliance

Compliance in the food and beverage industry can be overwhelming. To feel confident, you need a system to manage not just your formulas but also all your suppliers, raw materials, and ingredients.

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Delivering value in an age of connected intelligence

Digital technologies are accelerating the pace of business change. For each innovation that emerges, new disruptions are likely to follow. It's time to think about connected intelligence not as a revolution—but as evolution.

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Localize to globalize

Linking your global operations together with one single, industry-tailored enterprise application suite can help you avoid many of the statutory, regulatory, and cultural pitfalls that can slow down multinational growth.

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Measuring science project success

Infor's Dynamic Science Labs has a value measurement discussion with customers whenever it engages on a project; this article captures some aspects of what we believe is an important part of measuring value as we deliver results.

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Optimizing asset maintenance through the internet of things and machine learning

How the internet of things, machine learning, and enterprise asset management can help optimize the maintenance activities on your most critical assets.

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