Learn about the Birst Trial

Learn about the Birst Trial

Learn the basics of Birst to get you up and running fast

Pronto Connect

Video: Pronto Connect

How to get data into Pronto. 

Connect to Data in Pronto

Let's get some data into Pronto so you can make a nice report. 

Pronto Relate

Video: Pronto Relate

This video covers the "relate" feature in Birst's Pronto module. 

Relate Data to Other Data in Pronto

The Pronto Relate page and how it lets you set up relationships between the various data sources you have imported and set up in Pronto. 


Video: Dashboard Creation

This video covers basic Dashboard Creation in Birst's Dashboards 2.0 Module 

Video: Dashboard Display and Formatting

This video covers display and formatting options for Birst Dashboards.