Business intelligence platform

Birst provides a next-generation, cloud-based platform for networked business intelligence (BI). Organizations can achieve a new level of trusted insight and decision making by connecting centralized and decentralized teams and applications via a network of analytics services. Built with patented technologies, Birst puts the power of analytics in the hands of every information worker and dramatically accelerates the process of delivering insights across the enterprise.

How Birst drives business value for customers

Birst's patented technology allows users to glean trusted insight from diverse data sources, offering a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Birst customers report revenue up-lift, reduced operational costs, increased customer engagement and satisfaction, enhanced ability to achieve business targets across multiple industries and geographies-and efficient deployment, with most customers live on the product within 90 days.



Citrix runs a digital supply chain using Birst BI, working with hundreds of suppliers and hundreds of thousands of customers. By bringing together 400+ data sources to make real-time decisions, Citrix achieved a 5-fold increase in inventory turns and hit 99% on-time delivery., a leading retailer specializing in the home improvement industry, uses Birst BI tools to focus on the highest value customers and personalize offers to them. By optimizing for customer lifetime value, has been able to decrease marketing spend and increase catalog revenue by 80%.

Find the right Birst solution for your use case

Birst is designed to support enterprise-scale requirements from the largest organizations down to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Birst offers a variety of scalable solutions to address each customer's unique business needs.

Birst for CloudSuite

Designed for Infor CloudSuite  applications, Birst for CloudSuite delivers pre-built data models, strategic KPIs, operational metrics, and a library of reports and analytic widgets, customized for your industry.

Birst Professional

Birst Professional Edition is designed to solve the analytics needs for department and business functions working with multiple sources of data.  Customers can do self-service data discovery and data prep, blending data from centralized and de-centralized sources to create trusted business insight.

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Birst Enterprise

Designed to solve complex analytics problems across a multitude of industries and business use cases, Birst Enterprise uses patented smart technology to deliver business value in weeks. Birst Enterprise is faster than legacy BI and more powerful than desktop discovery tools.

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Powered by Birst (Embedded BI)

Designed for customers looking to monetize their data by providing a white label solution, Birst Embedded BI delivers a comprehensive platform that pre-integrates data management, visual language, and analysis in one place-and provides the utilities to help you easily embed that into your application.

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