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120+ product updates in Infor EAM version 11.5.1

June 3, 2020

With more than 120 significant updates, many of them inspired by close collaboration with customers, Infor EAM's latest iteration, version 11.5.1, enables more strategic and efficient maintenance practices.

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As a cloud-first product, EAM receives updates every two months on Infor’s multi-tenant cloud, according to Navin Kulkarni, Senior Director, Product Management. Those updates are then consolidated into major, annual releases of the enhanced on-premises EAM product.

“We’re able to do this because of our strong, collaborative relationships with partners and users,” Kulkarni says. “And where we can take the product now is astonishing.”

Asset performance, data integration, mobile, and more

Kulkarni will be digging into the details of the new release at a sneak peek webinar on Thursday, June 18. Join the webinar to get the latest on these and other major enhancements:

  • 11.5.1 formalizes EAM’s Asset Performance Management capabilities, combining existing configurations for decay curves, service levels, end-of-life assessment, and more into a more integrated APM solution. “We know asset condition assessment is not a one-size-fits-all solution, so our goal is to make it as configurable as possible,” Kulkarni says.
  • For the first time, EAM integrates with Infor Data Lake, enabling users to upload standard or user-defined data to their wider ERP. Over time, this enhancement will open up endless possibilities, delivering the analytical firepower of Birst and Coleman to the assessment of key EAM records.
  • Infor is working with several active customers and partners to enhance the mobile GIS capabilities in EAM and offer enhanced building visualization capability through OpenCAD.
  • The mobile GIS update allows much more versatile use of maps, enabling users in the field to perform activities across a wider geographic range. The module also ties in with work order dispatching to optimize the deployment of field personnel.

A roadmap, not a destination

As EAM continues to evolve and improve, Infor’s aim is to deliver the greatest benefit to the largest number of users, by optimizing every part of the system and integrating it with platform technologies like Infor OS, Birst, and Coleman.

“Our goal is always to push the boundaries of EAM,” Kulkarni says. “So everything we develop is intended as a productized application, not a one-off deliverable for a customer.” That process of constant exploration, learning, iteration, and improvement means every EAM user gets the benefit of the ideas and inspiration Infor developers pick up from a wide and growing community of users and partners, spanning a broad range of industry verticals.

At the same time, the product’s evolution has been guided by a clear set of priorities.

“The key to the roadmap has always been maintenance maturity and reliability, moving now into Asset Performance Management,” Kulkarni says. “We’re constantly striving to understand best practices in different industry verticals and dig deeply into the performance of the product”—all rolling into a vision of delivering an asset management solution with the latest technologies the marketplace has to offer.

Register for the webinar: What’s new in EAM 11.5.1

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