3 papers to help you to modernize your business

August 22, 2017
Companies in Food & Beverage, like you, have a tough job. Staying up to date on the changing technologies and market demands is no easy task. Who has time to wade through the flood of white papers? We’re here to help.

This resource kit combines analyst insights, a software buying guide, and customer case study—all offering action-oriented advice on the topic of modernizing operations, getting closer to the customer, and adopting digital technologies. Share them with your team. It takes a team to impact true modernization and growth.

Nurturing growth

You know you want to continue growing, expanding reach, and aligning with target markets. But, do you know the best way to optimize opportunities and prepare for the future? Download this high-level overview of issues and opportunities on the horizon so you can stay competitive. "Preparing for the Future."

IT Department

Making the transition to cloud deployment is one of the most important steps in your modernization efforts. Cloud deployment gives you the agility, security, always-modern features, and vast storage capacity you need in order to step up to challenges and take advantage of new technology. This Buyers Guide for the F&B industry provides articles, checklists, and case studies to help you make well-informed decisions. Learn more about benefits of cloud deployment in Buyers Guide to F&B software.

Success story

Reading about an actual case study will help you envision the potential for you. JR Watkins, a manufacturer of diverse lines of personal care, home care, remedies, and gourmet extracts and spices, recently made the move to the cloud, implementing Infor CloudSuite Food and Beverage 25% faster than anticipated and saving over $500 thousand. Download the complete JR Watkins Customer Innovation Study for more highlights.
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