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3 ways to build customer engagement with Configure Price Quote technology

March 28, 2018
Whether you’re selling doors, windows, furniture, or other building items, you can boost deal sizes, increase win rates, and enhance top-line sales with a technology-driven sales process that promotes customer engagement. Sounds easy right? Well, it can be. Here are 3 ways you can build customer engagement and build sales with Configure Price Quote software.

Show, don’t tell

People believe what they see. Many sales reps try to persuade customers to purchase, when it’s really more effective to help the customers persuade themselves because they like what they see. You can easily incorporate 2D and 3D visualization capabilities into your sales process and have customers develop an attachment to the image they see.

Visual images are also much more memorable than any sales pitch, and the image of a product designed, in part, by the prospect is much more persuasive than any sales pitch. When you can build interactive visualizations into your guided selling process, you have an effective way to upsell or offer value-added products and services.

Invite collaboration

People don’t argue with their own data. They’re also much less likely to dispute the price of product options and configurations that they chose themselves. It’s much simpler to persuade people to pay more for doors, windows, and custom fixtures when they’ve configured those items to reflect their own unique requirements.

The well-known “IKEA effect” in which a customer values a product more if he or she helped form it, also plays a role. You can offer customers a sense of collaboration with product configuration software. You’ll be able to help customers make simple choices, such as embellishments and colors, as well as help them deal with larger issues like types of hinges or glass. You can win more sales when you let customers pick different permutations until they have a choice they’re pleased with.

configure price quote

Build lasting connections

Retaining an existing customer is much less costly than winning a new one. CPQ software can help fundamentally transform your sales process to the point that you become full collaborative partners with your customers.

First, you can use previous orders instead of starting from scratch, which speeds up the sales cycle. Plus, an integrated Configure Proce Quote platform that retains past customer preferences also allows your sales reps to use past orders and buying behavior to proactively address your clients’ product needs.

Leveraging Configure Price Quote technology can really help you guide your customer through the sales process in a way that they feel empowered to make decisions that will ultimately carry through the vision from order to delivery.

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