7 steps toward cloud deployment for wholesale distributors

February 2, 2017
A roadmap for modern ERP solutions

Thinking about taking a bold step to improve your IT infrastructure?

Where does your company stand in this continually evolving landscape of steep market challenges and emerging opportunities? Are obstacles, such as managing integration and the seemingly constant need for the latest updates, distracting you from your business goals? Are changes in customer expectations threatening your revenue and profitability? Is your current IT infrastructure outdated, while capital constraints are causing you to put off an upgrade?

It’s time to take a closer look at cloud deployment. Here are some guidelines to help you evaluate your distribution ERP selection and deployment

Click here to read about the Seven steps toward cloud deployment for wholesale distributors:

  1. Prepare for digital transformation
  2. Seek relevance
  3. Make sure your research is current and applicable
  4. Be flexible
  5. Allow enough time—but don’t drag your feet, either
  6. Involve a team
  7. Get the facts and see the big picture
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