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A bigger piece of the pie

January 11, 2021

It’s a well-known phenomenon in data analysis that being able to analyze “all” data is great but only really valuable if segmentation is possible. Segmentation enables us to consider more than one thing. For example, first, we may ask how the number of search actions or loans has evolved over a period of time? Then, we could also consider how many of these loans are to people younger than 17? A segment is best imagined as one part of a whole, like one piece of a pie chart.

Infor Library & Information Solutions supports segmentation in V-insight (for data that originates from the ILS V-smart) and in Open V-insight (for data from “other” sources). Segmentation is done “on the fly”, which implies that the user does not have to think of the segments in advance but rather they can apply them later when they’re seeking specific information. This can be done very quickly. All data elements in a cube can function as a segment (restriction). For example: how many loans? To customers older than 64? At branch X? To customers who have more than 4 items at home? To customers who live Amsterdam? Or a combination of any of these, such as: at branch X to customers older than 64?

Following, is an example of why segmentation is important in real life. Branch X recently opened on Sundays. Staff complains that the mornings are understaffed. it is getting busier by the week; more people are needed. A fast check of the figures of branch X confirms that there is an increasing number of loans in the Sunday morning. Segmentation (in this case per hour) delivers additional information and produces not only a total. As such it provides better insight in vital processes.

Thanks to the fast and dynamic nature of segmentation, the information that can be collected via V-insight and Open V-insight becomes even more valuable. This process provides additional knowledge as to what actually happens in the real world and enables you to make better decisions.

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