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September 3, 2019 By Melissa Amell

Following twenty years in supply chain hospital operations, I am honored to be part of a forward-thinking company that will continue to impact healthcare delivery. I have spent the last five months as Director of Healthcare Strategy Supply Chain at Infor and in this time, I have seen how innovation is more than just a buzzword to my new co-workers.

We are all aware of the fundamentals of delivering accurate information, so the care delivery teams can best provide patient care. Key elements include a solid operational foundation, proven technology, data integrity, and a keen understanding of the impact that information has on the healthcare delivery systems. For the experienced and effective supply chain leaders these components are recognized as the key to a successful program.

Infor CloudSuite software is known for its core supply chain applications. These solutions, built for the cloud and industry, include master data management, inventory control, contract management, and strategic sourcing. That’s not the best part! What’s so exciting for me, as a former hospital operations leader, is that Infor is leveraging those tools and other functionality to create a significant impact on patient care. Examples include Infor Clinical Bridge (powered by Infor Cloverleaf) which allows full integration with all clinical systems, Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) which ensures clinical equipment is safe and readily accessible for use, and the Infor Point of Use system which makes product and patient documentation data easily available to clinicians.

As we all know, one area that is often overlooked and frequently viewed as less critical is recall management. Infor healthcare solutions target products that may put the organization at risk, identify where those products are in the organization, and ease the process of getting them removed and made unavailable to avoid accidental use. Risk Managers and Clinicians can rest assured that recalls are dealt with promptly and documented appropriately. Can you imagine the impact on patients if we could prevent these failures? Deficiencies in these processes can lead to financial exposure and more importantly, potentially put patients at risk. We have also learned from our current customers who use this functionality as they follow a similar supply chain business process to implement product conversions making them timelier and more efficient. Because of this, we will be rebranding the product of Recall Management to Item Life Cycle Management in Fall 2019.

So, now do you see why I am so excited? I’m excited to be working for a company with the vision to recognize the importance of the fundamentals. The importance of basic data and process management, the importance of how technology can streamline patient care, and how processes, people, and systems can enhance the interoperability of all healthcare operations.

- Melissa Amell, Director, Healthcare Strategy Supply Chain

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