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A proactive approach to application managed services

December 12, 2018 By Phil Bradshaw

In the past few months, we have made some changes within our managed services offerings to take a more proactive approach to better meet our customers’ needs.

With Infor Managed Services (IMS), we offer customers the ability to move day-to-day application administration and support tasks to us, where we become an extension of the customer’s organization. This allows their employees to focus on strategic initiatives and increase overall efficiencies and productivity. Customers have told us that IMS has reduced their costs by up to 50% and provided an equal or higher service level than they previously provided to their end users. As we’ve seen with existing IMS customers, there are multiple areas of return on investment when engaging IMS, including cost savings; redirecting resources to value-added tasks; receiving tailored services with a single vendor with a large team of knowledgeable, experienced resources with a global reach; staying current on releases; taking advantage of the latest technologies; and most importantly, diminishing cost and risk associated with business interruptions.

Our vision: To proactively manage holistic standardized functional & technical services against SLA’s to optimize products and maximize customer satisfaction

Our goal: Improve service while reducing risk and costs. With IMS, you can get operational excellence on your teams with a multi-tiered approach for both cloud and on-premise deployments.

Several service offerings are available, Service Desk, Technical Operations, Extension Lifecycle Management and Extended Services. Through the IMS onboarding and transition process, our team of experts will work closely with your team to seamlessly transition services under IMS, with knowledge transfer handled locally, on-site or remotely. I’m going to offer a brief overview of all of these offerings.

Service Desk

For customers who have functional and technical issues on a regular basis but don’t have the staff or knowledge to help them or want to free up their internal staff, our Service Desk offers customers the ability to raise an issue, either technical or functional, and the Service Desk does the rest. Each customer is assigned a dedicated service delivery manager who tracks issues through intake, assessment, escalation as needed, and resolution. The service desk provides break-fix services, retrofitting and extension enhancement up to and including 24x7 coverage. In some cases, the Service Desk will provide Extended Services, including lifecycle management of extensions and functional application support.

Technical Operations

Improve reliability by outsourcing the management of all technical details—including patches and hot-fix installations, issue resolution, performance monitoring, database administration, and security checks. You’ll position your IT staff to think and act strategically, rather than distract them with the details of daily application management.

Extension Lifecycle Management and Extended Services

The methods you use to build business processes around an application sometime make a bigger difference than the features of the application. Streamline your business processes, improve your firm’s overall operational excellence, ensure quality, and get the highest possible level of support by choosing IMS, which has extensive knowledge of your product, as well as access to specialized resources.

Extension Support Services

When you require software support linked to extensions and integrations, IMS can help. For example, you can get:

  • Quick fixes to software problems resulting from extensions
  • Impact analysis and upgrades of extended applications and interface software
  • Enhancements to your extended ERP software, as well as analysis and design of enhancements you may need
  • Extended test support for your key users

Customers can save money, reduce risk, and improve system reliability with IMS, which eliminates the headaches of managing their financial and ERP systems. By taking advantage of IMS expertise and product knowledge, customers will be able to lower the risks related to system availability, unpredictable operating IT costs, and dependence on a few key team members.

If you are a current customer and would like to learn more, you can read more here or contact us at

-Phil Bradshaw, Global Vice President, Infor Managed Services

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