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All data analysis in a single spot: Open V-insight

November 17, 2020

Wouldn’t you like to have all data analysis in a single spot? That you can visualise and analyse all data in that single spot, irrespective of the data’s source. This is now possible, with Open V-insight.

Whereas V-insight excels in handling data coming from V-smart, you can now complement that with data that is not maintained in V-smart. All analysis and visualization are now in a single spot.

Open V-insight can process the most diverse data types, whatever the data’s origin. The import of Open V-insight data into the data warehouse is totally different from the data harvesting from V-smart, Infor’s ILS, but the functionality of the application itself is, apart from a few smaller differences, identical. For Open V-insight data, the data definitions (e.g. the cubes) are generated automatically.

Because the data import for Open V-insight can be fully automated (which the import from V- smart has always been), a user will not notice much difference between both products: all analysis functions such as on-the-fly restrictions, grouping, scoping and drill-down are available.

Open V-insight requires a separate license. The product is not part of V-insight.

Open V-insight has the same technological basis as V-insight version 4, so the installation of Open V-insight also implies an upgrade to V-insight version 4. This also applies to the upgrade to the next version of V-eyeQ (Connect).

Open V-insight and V-insight can “live” together on a single system.

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