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Attracting the frictionless consumer

September 15, 2017
Today’s guests, especially Millennials, are consumers-by-Amazon, conditioned to communicate solely through their devices and receive immediate, personalized results and attention. These new consumers are “frictionless,” on-the-go and always on.

According to a McKinsey report Digitizing the consumer decision journey, consumers already have endless online and off-line options for purchasing. And it’s no longer about the cost and convenience of the experience, it’ s all about the quality.

With technology driven companies, such as Airbnb, moving into the hospitality market, hoteliers not only need to keep pace with this transformation, but take the lead in catering to digitally connected guests. The reservation process is just the start. From there, the frictionless experience includes making dining and spa reservations, connecting directly with on-site services such as housekeeping, and ongoing, targeted incentives, long after they’ve left the property.

The good news around all of this is that the digital experience provides hotel operators with unprecedented amounts of consumer data – if it’s collected and stored correctly. Strategic data management should include the cross-channel guest experience, linking the property management system (PMS) reservations management (RMS), customer relationship management (CRM), point-of-sale (POS) and loyalty programs, as well as property amenity systems. That way, hoteliers can create a comprehensive guest profile and targeted promotions and perks based on behaviors and past experiences.

The McKinsey report suggests three steps to creating what it calls the “new normal” experience:

  • Implement a central data mart that combines all contacts a customer has with a brand.
  • Ensure programs are designed to be tailored to a customer’s stage in his or her decision journey.
  • Embrace agility and don’t be afraid to innovate and start delivering the always-on experience.

Infor Cloud PMS is designed to help hoteliers create the frictionless guest experience by transforming the property management system into an integrated service hub that provides the data analytics and insights into individual guests. Architected specifically for the cloud, it enables seamless, real-time, communication with guests and immediate access to the information they specifically want. Even better, it does not require additional hardware or IT resources, so puts even smaller hoteliers on a level playing field with larger organizations.

For more information on the frictionless consumer and cloud PMS, see the Hospitality Technology white paper, Taking Digital Transformation by Storm with Cloud PMS. In the meantime, we’d love to hear more from you about where you’re at in your own digital transformation.
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