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Beautiful and handy at once

December 17, 2020

It is important that applications are beautiful[i] but even more relevant that they are easy to work with; that they are “handy” for everyone. This means being handy for both users with and without a disability[ii].

When using V-smart Air, there are many tips and tricks that you can use; we discuss three here.

Keyboard support

Although V-smart is a browser application that is operated with a mouse, (like almost all browser applications), the application can also be operated with the keyboard, i.e. without a mouse. This is very important because we do not want to force mouse usage on a front-desk user. He (or she) probably has enough to handle with the keyboard, the scanner and the cash drawer (when an amount due is paid).

Save as default

The “Save as default” option is an essential option for working with V-smart smoothly on most input forms. This option enables the user to store default input values on a form for “next time”. For example, let’s suppose that you are going to spend the whole afternoon entering “Superman” cartoon albums. You can store defaults for Superman, which will speed up the data entry process significantly because most values on the form will already be “correct” (i.e. applicable). Once you have finished with “Superman”, you can store new defaults for something else. This option is also an essential part of the profiles that can be used in V-smart.[iii]

Filter in dropdown lists

In extreme cases, dropdown lists can contain tens, hundreds or even thousands of lines. This can make navigation very difficult. For this reason, all dropdown lists with more than a configurable number of lines (e.g. 10) have a filter option that is interpreted dynamically. If the list contains “meat”, “potatoes” and “soup”, a filter on “p” only displays the last two because “meat” does not contain a “p”. The filter can be multiple characters long and is applied “on the fly”, while the user is typing, so that the content is adjusted continuously.

[i] See: Why does beauty matter?

[ii] See: The norm and the practice: about accessibility.

[iii] See: Define once, use many times.

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