Better Together: Asset Management and ERP

April 7, 2021 By Tim Latta

ERP and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions have co-existed happily for many years, each performing distinct but complementary roles in an organization. So why bring the two solutions closer together? What are the benefits of integration – and is it really worth it? Infor Gold Channel Partner, Sapphire shares its insight.

Unsurprisingly our answer is a resounding yes. Separately, ERP and EAM solutions add value to a business in their own distinct ways. But together, they have potential for so much more. Thankfully, a fruitful union is no longer the complex and costly endeavor of days gone by. With today’s solutions far more flexible and integration-savvy, seamless connectivity is now an achievable reality.

Visible value

But what makes integration so imperative for today’s companies? In short, there couldn’t be a better time to double down on the value of your ERP and EAM investments. Companies that prioritize integration stand to gain a whole new level of business visibility. This drives increased resilience and the agility to respond quickly to changing business needs – a powerful differentiator in the current climate.

What this means on a concrete level becomes even more apparent when you consider the capital expenditure associated with your assets. Greater visibility leads to a deeper understanding of the financial impact on your business. An integrated solution capitalizes on the key strength of EAM – the capacity to track asset performance and expenditure across the entire lifecycle. Integrating these reporting capabilities into ERP gives you a big-picture view of your assets’ bearing on the organization. The cost of maintenance is better understood. And work can be planned and executed in full knowledge of the costs, depreciations and capitalizations – with any savings heading straight to your bottom line.

Partners in productivity

With integration extending across the enterprise, asset management connects seamlessly with other key business processes, driving up productivity and efficiency. Instead of a constant back-and-forth between solutions, risking faulty cost allocations or unpaid bills, information is integrated into one comprehensive view of the business. This minimizes duplication of information – and effort – and avoids unnecessary errors.

Scheduling is a case in point. When it comes to planning maintenance, the combined intelligence of ERP and EAM quickly iron out any scheduling conflicts. End-to-end visibility illuminates the entire process, flagging up potential overlaps and eliminating duplicate entries. With a full picture of how maintenance impacts the business, production can be optimized to suit planned downtime.

Working in unison, ERP and EAM can also help to uncover hidden value. With proper monitoring of asset usage across production, it quickly becomes clear which assets are being underused – and which are stretched to the limits of their capacity. These new insights help to optimize asset usage and avoid costly breakdowns, protecting the long-term wellbeing of your assets.

It’s clear that EAM and ERP were meant to be. As partners – not competitors – they will work together for the benefit of your business. But effective integration is key to adding value – and that’s why our team is here to help. Get in touch today and we’ll ensure your EAM and ERP enjoy a long and happy union.

About Sapphire

Sapphire Systems is a leading enterprise software applications and digital operations technology provider enabling organizations to transform and run with intelligence, speed, agility and operational excellence. With sales, services and development locations throughout the USA, UK, Latin America and Asia, Sapphire delivers industry leading customer satisfaction, 24-hour support and expertise to accelerate our customer’s digital futures with confidence.


About the Author

Tim Latta, Infor EAM Solutions Architect at Sapphire Systems

Tim has spent half his career developing software for Infor and the other half partnering with their customers to realize the power of Infor EAM and other evolving technologies. His passions are designing creative solutions, coding, writing, and leading project teams. When not working you can find him jogging the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, SC.

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