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Candidate Drone, HR will see you now

January 12, 2017

Marcus Mossberger, Industry Strategy Director, Healthcare

Those of us in the healthcare industry recognize the significant transformation that has been underway since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010. We have begun to witness the move away from volume to a focus on value, on preventing illness instead of treating it, a care delivery model moving from acute to ambulatory and of course the required adoption of health information technology to pull data together and make it more actionable. In a way, the HR profession has begun a similar transformation.

HR leaders recognize the need to move away from administrative and transactional functions toward a more consultative role in the organization. There is a desire to stop reacting to questions and requests and attempt to predict and prescribe new strategies. Just as medicine requires an evidence-based approach, there is a paradigm shift in HR to adopt science-oriented, data-driven approaches to influencing human behavior (instead of the traditional reliance on intuition). And technology will play a significant part in this reformation in the HR profession, as advancements in machine learning and robotics will change the role of humans in the workplace.

Experts predict that as many as half of all existing jobs could be automated by machines in the next decade. This is simply a reality of the relentless progression toward efficiency, driven by a results-oriented global economy. This leaves HR experts in a precarious position … what should our role be in finding “artificial talent” if the best person for the job is not actually a person? This topic is explored in our article in Workforce Magazine: “Brexit? Maybe it’s Time to Make the Case for HRExit.” How is your HR organization evolving and adapting to this new responsibility? Please share your thoughts below.
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