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Cloverleaf and the era of consumerism

June 26, 2018

I recently joined my colleagues on a webinar where we discussed the rapid rise of healthcare consumerism.

What do we mean by consumerism in our industry? It’s about our new world of connected health, and that means not only utilizing new and fresh sources of data, but also opening the data richness of our legacy systems to the world of digital and mobile technologies, and APIs.

Healthcare organizations are at a point where they are starting to realize the value of all the work put into implementing EHRs, and using EHRs to create a lot of very important and useful data. Implementing Infor Cloverleaf provided a first, big step in our connected health journey, bringing together HIEs, ACOs, ISVs, application vendors, medical technology and other organizations such as OEMs and IDNs.

With Cloverleaf, which supports use of the HL7 FHIR standard, we can enable apps and provide data and service anywhere via mobile device or web applications. This allows for the development of many capabilities from the relatively simple, such as making an appointment by phone to the more complex, like monitoring medication adherence. Our client, Hackensack Medical Center, utilized Cloverleaf with FHIR to save 65,000 hours per year with an array of mobile interoperability applications. You can read the case study here.

Now, we are excited to introduce Cloverleaf API Gateway, the “doorway” to manage application services in a secure way to optimize the experience for patients, providers, and other stakeholders, while providing a consistent management experience to system administrators.

We are sometimes asked if EHRs, including the most successful among them, provide their own gateway, and the short answer is “no.” An API Gateway, or manager, provides a consistent way to address connectivity, authorization, and security policies across an entire enterprise’s set of APIs. The interface products provided by EHR companies are commonly specific to their own solution’s APIs. The Cloverleaf API Gateway, however, is designed to manage all APIs across all EHRs, clinical, financial, and other business and operational systems.

The Cloverleaf API Gateway is built upon the power of the Infor API Gateway, which provides access to thousands of Infor APIs for finance, manufacturing and distribution. That’s why we (and our clients) are delighted it’s now available for healthcare.

We join our healthcare stakeholders on this journey of continuous improvement in our rapidly changing industry. Together we will improve patient care while saving resources and costs across the care continuum. Check out more about us on our Infor CloudSuite Healthcare page.

Corey Spears, Director, Healthcare Interoperability Standards
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