Cloverleaf innovation and investment continues

March 20, 2019 By Jerry Rankin

Infor’s investment in Cloverleaf is significant. And I don’t only mean in terms of dollars. We have dedicated a lot of IT talent to it, as well—48 IT professionals specifically dedicated to Cloverleaf research and development, to be exact, with nearly twice that for the Cloverleaf Suite as a whole.

And speaking of numbers, we currently have a client who is employing Cloverleaf to make 70,000 connections across their healthcare organization, and processing 300 million transactions every day.

Infor Cloverleaf is the most widely deployed integration technology connecting healthcare today. We see momentum from our investment, as it continues to yield some big innovations across the care continuum. In this recent webinar, we take stock of where we are with Cloverleaf and our strategic direction. Most importantly, we preview some exciting developments expected over the next few months, including the release of Cloverleaf 19.1.

While the webinar provides the details and technical specifications, it also provides the big picture of what Cloverleaf 19.1 will provide:

  • Even more security. Cloverleaf 19.1 has been through a more rigorous security procedure than ever before. We even partnered with a white hat hacking group to test the security.
  • Ease of development. There will be less coding required in 19.1.
  • Administrative ease. Enhanced database protocols and API enablement will continue to support the shift to more API integration.
  • And, of course, ongoing support for the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard.

We also discussed our Clovertech online user community, which currently has 4,300+ registered users.

Perhaps the best endorsement of the power of Cloverleaf is how we use it as a foundational product for our current innovations such as Cloverleaf Consolidator, Clinical Bridge, and Cloverleaf API Gateway. The interoperability possibilities are endless, and we’re excited about being at the forefront of revolutionizing how the healthcare industry uses data to improve their own operations, and patient care and outcomes.

Jerry Rankin, Strategy Director, Healthcare Interoperability

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