Confluence Health happy with upgrade to Infor CloudSuite Healthcare

November 30, 2017

Confluence Health, which consists of two hospitals in Washington that cover more than 30 specialties in the region, recently upgraded to CloudSuite Healthcare after using Infor finance and supply chain solutions for several years. Before the upgrade, end users struggled with maximizing the full potential of the finance and supply chain functions. Confluence Health wanted to make the system more user friendly and improve efficiencies, so they brought a list of business challenges to their Infor team to strategically plan the next move. The conversations revolved around the current and future state of processes, as well as how to maximize data to drive operations within the organization. The agreement among everyone was to move to the Infor cloud.

Today, employees who were hesitant about moving to the cloud are now believers, and a variety of benefits have already been achieved, including:

  • Gained a system that’s adaptable to organizational needs and provides tools for teams to be efficient and productive to support the rest of the organization.
  • Alleviated the stress of managing logistics and upgrades from the IT department.
  • Created a better user experience.
  • Provided a way to stay current with real-time data, specifically with the mobile supply chain management system, where having accurate and up-to-date data at any time is critical in healthcare.
  • Refocused analysts on valuable tasks and workflows for end users.

Through this transformation, Confluence Health discovered the importance of having a system that can adapt to its business needs. No two health organizations operate exactly the same, but all organizations want to create healthier communities. At Infor, we share this mission with our customers by offering Infor CloudSuite Healthcare, a modern and complete business platform designed to support the entire continuum of care.

To see the transformation for Confluence Health, watch the video. For more information about how Infor CloudSuite Healthcare can help meet all your business needs, read our guide.

- Tim Brown, Chief Business Information Officer
  • Healthcare
  • EMEA
  • North America
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